NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A federal judge will appoint an independent monitor to oversee an effort to make the Fire Department of New York more diverse.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis gave his findings Wednesday following a civil trial last month in Brooklyn. The Justice Department had sued on behalf of a black fraternal organization.

The judge says despite progress from recent recruiting, the FDNY hasn’t committed enough time or resources to reverse a long history of discrimination. He says an independent monitor is needed to ensure the department becomes more diverse.

The FDNY has announced that nearly half of the people who signed up for its next exam are minorities. Currently, only about 3 percent of firefighters are black.

Do you believe the FDNY has a problem with diversity? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Mr. Balboa says:




  2. BIG ALICE says:

    Not for nothing, this is basically a 6th grade reading test.

    Am I missing something here?

    You can read or you cannot read.

    If you cannot pass the test, you cannot get into the club.

    Try corrections. You’ll fit right in.

  3. Jo says:

    How is the vulcan society even able to exist?

    How come there are all of these separate rules and allowances for one group but not aanother?
    Listen…if you can’t get into med school you can’t become a doctor- oh wait you can…we can just change the requirements and lower the standards….

    Where is the voice of fairness and reason?

  4. Mama Mia says:

    the judge needs to go.

    how convenient for the vulcan society (sorry Spock) that they have this one judge on their side.

    the city needs t o strongly appeal this and win their appeal based on the FACTS, not an amended version of the facts.

    Why isn’t there all this noise about NY dept of corrections, which is over 98% african american?

    Please explain that to me.

    if you can’t pass the test for FDNY then maybe FDNY is not for you.

    Lokk at the NYPD now….

  5. bobby says:

    What ever happen to going out bof your way and giving a 100% to get a job ?Not if your skin color is black .Do these people have any pride ?What a disgrace .No class people ….

  6. Capt kangaroo says:

    Welcome to the horrible world of the NYPD( being a cop was a great job at one time) RIP to my fdny brothers

  7. Ween says:

    I could care less about the color of firefighters,but I do care about the taxpayer $$$ that is wasted on an outdated job. They need to privatize the fdny and streamline it to save $$$. Take the beds,tvs,pool tables,and other toys out of the club house and make these people work instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen

  8. Junior says:

    Black Fraternal Organization is OK, but if there was a white only organization, watch out! That would be racist.

  9. Junior says:

    Only 3% are black because they are the only 3% capable of passing the tests! Why do minorities get graded differently on tests then whites? Now that sounds like discrimination to me! Simple, if they can not pass the same tests as w white person, then they should not get hired, period! I challenge any of you who think this is right to go get a study book and show me questions in there that are discriminatory. Why does a question about identifying a hammer get thrown out for minorities but not whites???? Why do questions about memorizing a map and answering questions on it get thrown out for minorities and not whites? What is discriminatory about these questions? Answer…nothing! As a firefighter, would I want somebody next to me who can not pass a simple test? Heck no! As a person stuck in a burning building want somebody who can not pass a simple test being counted on to save me? Heck no! Everybody is also provided the same and equal, and free, training sessions on the testing process, including recent past test, prior to the test. Reverse racism at it’s finest and bravest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kazoo says:

      Well said!!!!!!

  10. Beebo says:

    Judge Garaufis is a dangerous nut and the city should fight this. He is wrecking the FDNY by forcing the city to hire people based on race and not the most qualified. Every other department that has had racial quotas forced on it has seen a deterioration in quality and morale.

  11. Not fair. says:

    Why are African Americans still getting special treatment?! Is there even anyone alive today that owned a slave? Get the eff over it. Jewish people were being exterminated during the holocaust, and you don’t see them crying for special treatment. There would be more black people in the FDNY if they actually wanted to take the test. Not the FDNY’s fault. If you can’t pass a 6th grade level test, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing a job where people’s lives depend on you.

  12. Tommy says:

    Why does the NYPD Traffic Dept. discriminate against white people? I have never seen a white Traffic Officer.

    1. Blasterific says:

      You need to be 300 lbs and have a bad attitude, sorry!

      1. Hmmmmmm says:

        you make an excellent point and what about dept. of corrections. also no one white.

  13. Mark Ponemon says:

    Here’s a solution which should appease everyone. Instead of using names you are given a number. That number is now your name throughout the process. Your name and ethnic background is used after all the preliminary testing. What’s past is past and if the judge still has an ax to grind against the FDNY then he should recluse himself with any future rulings. In my opinion though I saw plenty of FDNY hiring posters and were at plenty of city events. There was a lot of money spent on recruitment. If young people don’t come and request applications shame on them and not on the FDNY. You know there is an old expression you can drag a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

    1. Kazoo says:

      Guess you”ll never get appointed to the Federal court as a judge. You make too much sense.

  14. MR says:

    So much for my dream of joining the FDNY. Thanks to the two morons who caused this whole mess. Cannot wait to take this exam in January and not get hired cause I’m white.

    1. Blasterific says:

      Yeah I thanked Dinkins for doing the same to me for NYPD back in the day. 100% on test, not even a call. Knew many non-whites with less than 90% and were called hired etc.

      1. Kazoo says:

        Don”t forget the non-whites that were promoted to Sgt who scored a 40% on the test. Two different lists.

  15. Leave the Heroes alone!! says:

    The FDNY are true american heroes. The courts do not have authority over them, only other heroes can tell the FDNY how to recruit new heroes. Oh wait, there are no other Heroes in this world of ours, only the FDNY. Everyone else is below them, just ask the FDNY Heroes, they will tell you. When they are done partying and looting homes and businesses.

    1. Hero sandwich says:

      So true fdny are a bunch of overrated losers no matter what color they are.

  16. nextup says:

    Does the FDNY have a problem with diversity?

    The FDNY is made up of 93% white males.

    Nuff said.

    1. Blasterific says:

      Yeah and the millions spent trying to recruit non-white ( which is wrong ) brought what?

      Nuff said

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