By Elise Finch

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — See. Snap. Share.

That’s what a new website is encouraging people to do when they see attractive men on the subway. It’s called and the site features a photo gallery of sexy straphangers taken by their train-riding admirers.

“I think its good, clean fun. I don’t think it should be taken offensively, at all. In fact, it should be taken as a compliment,” Katharine Meyers of Staten Island told CBS 2’s Elise Finch.

According to the website, that’s exactly what the creators intended. So Finch asked a few women if they would participate.

“Sure. If he was very good looking I would,” said Amy Kershner.

“I think if you do it in an adventurous, playful kind of silly way, then its not creepy,” said Erica Arce.

Others were not so sure.

“It would make me feel funny, like seeing me take a picture of them,” said Chloe Wright.

Still others didn’t think the concept was all that original.

“I don’t think it’s any different than any other blogs out there that have pictures of men, women all that stuff,” said Lauren Goldfaden.

Other commuters said the idea was nice, but if women were the subject of the photos, the reaction would probably be very different. So since many women do not want strangers taking pictures of them for a website, they said they wouldn’t do it to anyone else.

“Nowadays, pictures floating around all over the place on the Internet and I don’t know. I’m a little kind of, iffy about that,” answered Kathleen Osland.

If a man finds that he’s the subject of someone’s subway crush and he’s not happy about it, he can fill out a photo removal request to have his picture taken off the website.

Finch also talked to some men to see what they thought about the covert picture taking.

“I’d be pretty okay with that,” Mike Piacenti said.

“I would be flattered,” said Michael Loiziu.

“I wouldn’t like it,” said Michael Thorne.

“I wish that someone would come over and talk to me instead of snapping a picture from all the way down the car you know? That’s a little strange,” said Adam Marks.

Not everyone is brave enough to approach a handsome stranger, but plenty of people are bold enough to snap a picture of one — so sexy straphangers beware.

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Elise Finch