MINEOLA, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – Families of drunken driving victims and lawmakers are teaming up to try to pass a tougher DWI law.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports on the proposed legislation

The demand for stricter laws comes after Jason Schein was killed by a drunk driver who had previously been ordered to use an ignition interlock device. The device, designed to prevent convicted drunk drivers from operating a vehicle if they have been drinking, could have saved him, his sister Dina said.

“The information that would’ve been sent to the right people about his alcohol problem and his drinking, even that day, would have prevented him from driving that day, getting behind the wheel and killing my brother,” she said.

Assistant Nassau County District Attorney Maureen McCormack said the driver should never have been able to get behind the wheel, but because of the loopholes, a life was lost.

“He was a guy who had a prior drunk driving conviction, was ordered to have an ignition interlock, transferred the ownership of that car, and killed Jason Shine in the same car he had committed the prior DWI in,” McCormack said.

The new proposed legislation would track and mandate that all convicted drunk drivers have interlocked system in any car they drive.

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  1. What a joke says:

    Cops are by far the biggest drunk driving offenders, and they do so with near impunity. There is no chance for them to get an interlock device because their colleagues will never arrest them in the first place.

  2. jack auble says:

    bottom line ignition systoms dont work – its an expencive falicy. Stiffer penitys for the crime against public safety and humanity must happen. regardless of the state presently dwi remains one of the weakest crimes where the punishment does not fit the crime. sugestion; 1st offence banish the privleges to operate or own a moter vehile for 5 years. throw them into jail or community service for minimum of 90 days (no early release) second offence, treat as a felony, and arrest acceseries to the “crime” also. his buddy that loaned the car to party with is a crimanal also.

  3. happens evey day says:

    If you want to drink and drive become a cop

    1. Michael H. says:

      Or a politician

  4. Surfin Bird says:

    If the convicted DWI driver is caught driving someone elses car without the interlock device they police should go after that car owner also

  5. Bill Dikant says:

    Now, this is the rest of the story. Extortion as you label it, nope!. I know of a family who was literally crushed by one of these poor folk who was intoxicated, The Father underwent 4 major surgeries @ $365,0000.each, months of rehab for both Father and Daughter,with more in the future. A Man who lost his legs, then his job, then his home and family, a Mother who lost her home, her son is still in need of medical treatment and the list goes on.
    People who are victims of these “HIGHWAY TERRORISTS” live in mental anguish forever!, You lob are an ignorant person , The Courts treat these potential killers with kid gloves,Why???, Because D.W.I. is Americas only socially acceptable crime of violence”, no matter what the Supreme Court states!.
    Bill Dikant, D.W.I. Victim Advocate,
    Castleton, N.Y. 12033

    1. Paul says:

      I sympathize with victims such as the one’s in the stories you mention and I applaud you for being an advocate. It is a worthy life’s work. But what I disagree with is your calling a DWI an act of violence. I received a DWI after having a few beers following my mothers funeral and the police where waiting outside the bar for patrons to leave. This is the norm by the way today and not all uncommon. I have never been violent in my life and leaving the restaurant that evening I had no premeditated thoughts of harming anyone. While I learned a valuable lesson, I don’t like the fact everyone who ever get’s a DUI/DWI is labeled an alcoholic, potential murderer, looser or whatever else. This is not the case. I just wanted to voice that opinion while I had an opportunity.

      1. Bill Dikant says:

        Paul, just what is a few????, two / three, what was your B.A.C. ???. Takes more than a “Few”.I’ll start changing the comment “Violent ” and make it “Potential Violent”.Waiting in sight of a bar / restaurant is nothing short of being lazy on the Officers part.Over the last 34 years since my Family was wiped out by a “HIGHWAY TERRORIST”,and 25 years on an Ambulance Squad I have seen more than I wanted. People do not “Think of the ramifications of their behavior when consuming Alcohol, I have the proof to back this up!, over 500 evaluations from a years worth of speaking at Victim Impact Panels. Be there any doubt on my comment, google the name and see for yourself.

        Bill Dikant, D.W.I. Victim Advocate,
        Castleton, N.Y. 12033

  6. TomNJ says:

    The state and courts have always been a bunch of armed robbers. In the name of law and order they commit acts of extortion and get away with it. I am all for punishing criminals, but there is an army of agencies and businesses that make a killing off of the criminal court system. It is indeed a racket.

    1. Bill Dikant says:

      TomNJ, yao also are an Ignorant person.

  7. oNiSaC says:

    This has been coming for at least 25 years. We have all been warned a hundred times, “it you drink don’t drive”. The majority ignored the warnings. So now things will get even more serious. Drinking daily is more dangerous than smoking ever was. Because drinking and driving effects all of us and our families. Drinking is a very addicting habit which needs professional treatment, counseling, and theropy.

  8. Lob says:

    I really don’t understand why people have to go somewhere to drink, then have to drive somewhere else. Drinking at home is far cheaper than going out.
    Also I don’t think people understand the current dwi laws. Do you know how much of an extortion racket the current laws are right now?
    I personally haven’t had a problem but have gone over the laws and know of other people that have had huge financial problems because they had one drink and had gotten arrested.
    Here’s the steps in the whole extortion scenario, first is the bail, then the court fees, then paying for a joke drinking program, then huge fines just to even think of getting your license back, then huge fees to actually GET your license back, then re-occuring fees for the interlock device. Every step of the way all this money goes nowhere. It’s just plain extortion. If at any time you don’t comply you get sent to jail. Mind you that the fees are not just twenty dollars, every one is in the hundreds of dollars a month or more plus huge one time fees. Then, you could swear off drinking and years later you need to drive again, well, you still need to go threw the extortion of the interlock device on a monthly basis.
    If you were an idiot and this all happened while you were at work (driving). Then you no longer have a job. Now you don’t have a job and can’t drive and can’t get a job. So you can’t work, because your job has to pay for interlock’s in any car you need to drive so you can work (if you need to drive a company car etc.). So because you can’t drive you can’t get a job and pay the extortionists.
    Granted there’s a need for these laws for the really ‘bad’ people. But these laws are getting too heavy handed and are being applied to everyone in general.
    Ever had to go to a court? The people that work there deal with the worst of the worst. They consider EVERYONE that comes threw their doors as a piece of crap. They DO NOT take any consideration in the fact that YOU might not be one of the crap people, so they line YOU up with the extortion….
    Do you want to change the system yet?

    1. Michael H. says:

      If you drink and then get behind the wheel of a car you are “a piece of crap”. I have no sympathy for these people and they deserve every ounce of misery that they get from getting caught driving while intoxicated.

  9. mary says:

    stop being such an ass. I hope you never end up a victim of some drunken idiot.

  10. quadgator says:

    Hey Pete & Dan!

    Lighten up and have a drink!

  11. DanTe says:

    How about the death penalty for these murderous sc um s? Oh wait, those drunken lying sacks called politicians will never pass a law that effects them.

  12. Pete says:

    Let’s hope this stricter DWI law passes.

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