NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Things got heated Thursday night as Lower Manhattan residents gathered at a community board meeting upset about how the Occupy Wall Street movement is affecting their personal lives.

It was standing room only as several hundred people for and against the movement exchanged barbs for more than two hours at the Community Board 1 meeting.

Linda Fairstein lives on Liberty Street and said she simply couldn’t take the noise or the filth anymore.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck Reports From The Meeting

“Our neighbors do not break into our building and vandalize them. Our neighbors do not urinate and defecate in the street. These occupiers need to vacate our neighborhood,” she said to applause. “This is our home. We’re not the enemy. Many of the protesters go home at night to their homes in outside neighborhoods and live peacefully, while our home has become unbearable.”

Despite those words, the board said that it will not interfere with the protesters’ First Amendment rights, but it did say that the use of drums and trumpets must stop, 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported.

The board also expressed opposition to the use of force by the NYPD or the developer Brookfield Properties in trying to get the protesters out of the Zuccotti Park.

Still, residents said they were fed up and one resident told the community board that “the occupiers should hit the road.”

“I think the good neighbor policy is quite frankly laughable. A neighbor pays rent, mind you. These people do not pay rent to live there. A neighbor works in the city and pays their state and city income tax. It’s disgusting and as someone in my age group, I’m embarrassed by what they’re saying,” he said.

Some board members expressed that a balance could be struck by allowing the protests to continue and setting some parameters to appease local residents.

Do you think more restrictions should be placed on the protesters because of local residents’ complaints?

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    The protesters’ counterparts in Baltimore have ordered that rapes must NOT be reported to police. Will a similar order come down here??

  2. Vik says:

    Go Home — clap clap. Go Home — clap clap.

  3. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  4. skjwlksblonds says:

    As long as jew gets what he wants. one of the complaining neighbors , a jew. who wont fight for anyone except if it benefits them.
    not as the us brittain and france fought for them in ww2.
    told ya,
    this is why no one wants them around

  5. FIDI resident says:


  6. Donald Fabio says:

    protesting ain’t going to get you a job or put food on your table. it may get you laid.

  7. When all else fails, think for yourself says:

    Marilyn, you say they are “hijacking the Constitution”, but I have to wonder when was the last time you read the Constitution and the First Amendment, because it would seem they’re more in line with it than your statement is.

  8. FIDI resident says:

    “Occupation” is an aggressive, not a peaceful term.

  9. Summer Bun says:

    Anyone who lives in that area is clearly part of the 1%, it’s a conflict of interest if you ask me.

    I have been to Zuccotti Park on a number of occasions and no one is “defecating” int he streets.. get real people. Let’s also remember the park was filled with “homeless” people way before September 17th!

    I stand with the 99%, you guys are doing a GREAT service and you are peaceful.

    1. FIDI resident says:

      Summer Bun has not done his/her home work on the demographics of FIDI.

      1. Summer Bun says:

        FIDI Res… of course you would say that…

        1. FIDI resident says:

          You are too ignorant to bother arguing with.

          1. Summer Bun says:

            Only a d o u c h e would refer to the neighborhood as ‘FIDI’.

    2. 1%? says:

      Not a “FIDI” resident as it’s being called here, but to call them part of the 1% is crazy:

      The 1% go to their apartment on 5th Avenue or mansions in Westchester/Jersey. Why would they want to stay down there? Almost everything closes at 5:00pm.

  10. Marilyn Howard says:

    They also occupied CB1, healthy young men, came early, took the seats, left the residents standing around the edges while they lectured us on their rights to speak, protest, stay, drum, “make history,” as one said, But why Zuccotti Park? There is no one there who can respond to their demands. And why drums? Drums do not articulate a position, a need, a resolution. And why our neighborhood? How about DC? That’s where the problems start. CB 1 is an amazing board: they restored our neighborhood after 9/11, protected our peace throughout the construction, saved the things that mattered to us. We can’t just lose it all now, after ten years, to these foolish, misguided, displaced, ill-behaved, thoughtless and self-involved miscreants who are hi-jacking the Constitution while they deprive the residents of their rights.

  11. FIDI resident says:

    The protesters say they are peaceful. yet they call it an occupation. Which is it?
    As a resident of FIDI, I feel much more occupied than peaceful. Brookfield MUST enforce the park rules!

    1. Summer Bun says:

      What’s not clear in regards to the protester’s being “non violent” aka peaceful?? and why so much emphasis on the word “occupation”? As you are a resident of the area, being peaceful is the last thing on your mind, thus your comment Brookfield “MUST” enforce the park rules…

      Those people are not harming you in the least bit, you make your own choices to hang around them or not. As a NYC tax payer I can “habitat” any area in which I choose, as long as I am “law abiding” and they are… that simple

      1. css says:

        Summer, put up with this noise and crap for almost two months and then let me know they are not “bothering” anyone. Come see how our streets are barricaded and more congested than ever, listen to their abuse when you don’t take their handouts or smile when you pass their increasingly chaotic camp, and by the way, if you haven’t seen anyone urinating on the sidewalk or in a plastic container, you haven’t spent any time here. Not pleasant…honest. The drumming is the worst. But my favorite is how the unions are using them, they are using the unions, people come down to rap and sing, and then tell you where and how you can procure their CD. I guess capitalism is ok if it benefits them.

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