NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “Occupy Wall Street” protesters were swarming the streets near City Hall Wednesday night as a show of solidarity for their fellow protesters in California.

Chopper 2-HD was live over the chaotic scene that was making a mess of traffic. The demonstrators marched around the gates of City Hall chanting slogans like “March with Oakland,” before returning to Zuccotti Park.

On Tuesday night in Oakland, protesters clashed with police after they attempted to come back to an area that was disbanded. Officials in California had been complaining about deteriorating safety, sanitation and health issues at the Oakland camp. Those issues, of course, are many of the same points of contention inside Zuccotti Park.

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis described the protesters as “overtaking Lower Manhattan” Wednesday night. The group marched in areas like 6th Avenue, Broadway and Thomas Street in a spontaneous effort to disrupt traffic and normal nighttime activities.

Occupy Wall Street has now entered its sixth week and is showing no signs of slowing down despite numerous complaints from neighbors.

Wednesday night’s demonstrations come as the latest poll found nearly half of Americans agreed with the views of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The CBS News/New York Times Poll released Tuesday found 43 percent agree with the demonstrators, while 27 percent disagreed and 30 percent said they were unsure.

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  1. Tim Cotton says:

    I think the police don’t want to do anything about clearing the streets because their salaries and benefits have been cut too. I’m not sure if you can do much about this sorta thing because the world is watching and us older people know what happened to the protesters during the civil rights movement , they did sit-ins and broke laws as well to get their message out there thru media coverage. The protesters at Kent State University who were shot and killed by the military because they were protesting the Vietnam war. The majority of Americans didn’t. support these causes either and thought they were stupid

  2. plainreviews says:

    Americans blame the federal government more for the nation’s economic plight than they do the primary target of the Occupy Wall Street protests — big financial institutions. If you don’t know why people are protesting on wall street, this article gives a very good explanation on it.

  3. Kazoo says:

    Do us all a favor and march to Oakland, and don’t stop until you march off the bay bridge

  4. Kenneth Dawan says:

    What disturbs me is how the American citizens are being led to the slaughter house by some groups here on the planet earth. The one thing that the rich people are telling you the truth about is that the U.S. Military will indeed be ordered to fire on the unarmed citizens.This is the only way that the United Nations can legally place their military on our soils. There are real solutions to this problem but the “occupy” groups don’t have the answer.
    Here is what needs to happen: First the protesters need to return home or back to the Universities’ campuses. They should agree to send every U.S. Congressperson that has been in office for more than four years home and vow that they(We The People) will never allow the corporations to buy and own our(so-called) congressional leaders by vowing to themselves that “We The People” will never vote in another congressional person that has already spent four years in office. Yes I am saying that it shouldn’t matter how much you love your congressperson you should bring them home for the sake of your families that you should love even more!!

  5. AndAnotherThing says:

    Financial Inequity? Good Luck with that……. When you’re done there take care of World Peace and Prostitution, Won’t You?…. Glittering Jewels of Colossal Stupidity AKA “The FLEA PARTY”

  6. The Realist says:

    The so-called “protesters” are becoming just like politicians, for whom COMPLAINING about problems is always preferable to actually SOLVING them. (After a problem is solved, you can’t make any more money by complaining about it.)

  7. I Ross says:

    it is wrong these people are payed $100 a day, the Unions and Acorn are not paying their SSI, Health Care or taking out taxes

  8. elbert says:


    Im RICH the 1% in fact ma mom & dad left it to me

    we haven’t paid proper taxes since Ronald Reagan
    he’s our miracle creator
    & now we ain’t gonna let ya ‘all tax us for the next 30 to get yer retirement money back
    cause it’s ours ya ‘all YEEHAAWWWWW
    and our next best president George Bush SOLD OUT yer children’s FUTURES so they
    ain’t got a prayer in hellllll of ever gettin up in this country
    ain’t me (the 1%) deservin of a flat tax or whatever ma buddi Steve Forbes aka (spanky)

    ain’t his flat (give the rest to us wealthy) the best idera ya ever heard

    China thanks fer loanin the rich of the U.S. the money to ENSLAVE the rest of these

    stupid butt middle classers!!! GWB blew off their kids balls in IRAQ fer fun!!!;)


    1. AndAnotherThing says:

      Take another Prozac you loser.

    2. Hee Haw Is Right says:

      Precisely why we need Ron Paul in 2012
      We need to not allow the 15 global zionist backed elitists to further dismantle theUSA as above has eloquently indicated.

      End The Federal Resere Banking system

      Americans have their backs to the wall, we need a change from the atypical paradigm that has besieged Washington since the inception of The Federal Reserve System, in 1913. Clearly, Ron Paul will be the Next President.
      Simply and honestly,
      all he is asking for is prudent clarity and focus in your logic by, reducing the size of over bloated government, pork barrel lobbying politics, our global military presence (and the exorbitant billions of spending that go with it), more States rights, the return of the gold and silver backed dollar, and the elimination of worthless printing of the present inflated fiat Federal Reserve Currency. and last but not least, by ending the illegal presence of the neither Federal , which there are no reserves, because they print currency out of thin air then bill the taxpayer for it, to END THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK !!!

    3. Jerry Frey says:

      What a swingin’ Richard

  9. Mandy Hawley says:

    If the cops and the mayor won’t restore order and stop bowing down to this mob then people will start doing it themselves. Is that what the mayor and the cops want?

    1. saoirse says:


    2. Stephan Lewis says:

      Yeah, why don’t you try it. Big tough guy on cbs forums huh?

      1. AndAnotherThing says:

        Try marching down my street…the cops will be the last of your problems, Flea Bagger.

  10. me says:

    The polls are ambiguous.
    So many people I know are in the same boat as me. While we may agree with one or two of the messages OWS are trying to get across, we do not agree with the protest. We do not support the protesters. We do not agree with how they’re doing things and almost everyone I know just wants them to leave, and yes, we all live in NYC. These people can NOT just run freely through the streets, disturbing other people’s lives who do NOT want to be involved in these protests. There needs to be some sort of control.

    And yes, I live in lower Manhattan. No, I’m not in the 1%. And yes, I want them to leave and come back as a more well-organized, cleaner, more respectable group of people that the rest of society will actually take seriously. Running around like a bunch of wild, crazy, disrespectful group does NOT give them a good image.

    1. Stephan Lewis says:

      The 60’s didn’t look great either, but the vietnam war did end…

  11. matthew borenstein says:

    The spreading & deepening of the Occupy Wall St. movement in our country is confirmed by the latest poll. More & more Americans are understanding the deadening economic & political stranglehold which the totalitarian corporation syndicates & their billionaire owners exert on the rest of us. Those corporations have nothing to do with democracy, or the public good. They hate democracy, & are solely driven by the insatiable, maniacal lusting for ever greater power. And the public is waking up to the real state of affairs, and the momentum is growing,daily, for fundamental, liberating, changes. Matthew in New York City

    1. daRnskippy says:

      LOL ! and where do THEY conduct these pOLls ? communism’s coming thanks to all you occupying parasites.

      1. Stephan Lewis says:

        You troglodytes said the same thing back in the 30’s when FDR ran this country. Fact is that at least this crowd can spell their placards out successful, unlike your bumpkin-racist tea-bag protests.

        1. AndAnotherThing says:

          You are one of life’s losers….move on moron.

        2. trapp says:

          Yeah, that’s the answer. Occupy Wall Street! Demand equality in pay and benefits no matter what your skills! Blame the corporations for taking your money (not government for overtaxing your butt) and force them to stop making their “obscene” profits. Let everyone who has a 401k or 403b invested in the markets go down the toilet, we don’t care! Yeah, that’s the answer. Better yet, let’s get so ticked off we force all corporations – especially those in the investment arena – to lay off thousands of people in order to achieve parity among workers.
          Why bother trying to better yourself. Let someone else hand it to you on a golden platter. That’s the way to do it! Not by hard work, motivation, determination and self-respect. But by getting really angry with the very people who hire thousands and pay upwards of 80% of this country’s tax burden to begin with. Oh, and let’s not forget to give a great big thank you to all the billionaires funneling money to protest instigators to help keep the protests alive. After all, what’s a few million among friends when it could go so far in tearing down the U.S. economy?
          Hey, how about a catchy slogan, “Unemployment Works! Why Should I ?”
          Yeah, you go OWSers!!!!

  12. JJ says:

    Bloomberg in giving the protesters free reign, has lost control of New York City.

  13. Michael says:

    I understand that out system NEEDS some sort of altering, but those people in the park are idiots. I just wish Bloomberg had bigger balls and cleaned the street for good.

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