NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — While animal activists are up in arms about the latest carriage horse incident in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is shrugging it off.

On Sunday, a horse carrying four people, went down late Sunday afternoon at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue. Animal lovers have often argued that such incidents show that horses are being forced to work long and arduous hours without proper care.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Hears From Mayor Bloomberg

However, Mayor Bloomberg argued that animals — like human beings — get old, but that was not a reason to stop hansom cab rides.

“They’re animals and animals and human beings, eventually, we all unfortunately stop continuing and it’s unfortunate when it happens, but that doesn’t mean that you stop doing things. You just want to make sure that they’re well treated,” he said.

The Horse & Carriage Association of New York City, meanwhile, released a statement saying “anti-carriage-horse activists are making [the horse’s] minor tumble out to be a major incident.”

The group says the horse was inspected by the ASPCA after the incident was “determined to be healthy, alert and no worse for his brief moment in the activists’ spotlight.”

Bloomberg says that he cares for the well-being of the Central Park horses, but stressed how much tourists love them and that they were a New York City tradition.

“There’s enormous demand and we want to keep things going in this city that tourists like and I think they add something to the charm of New York City and when I see them, they all look pretty healthy to me,” he said.

The ASPCA is said to be investigating the incident.

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  1. Shirley Zutes says:

    I am glad I am not a horse. Would you like to be a horse Mayor Bloodberg, pulling the carriages with a bunch of overweights?

  2. alex says:

    But, this is not the truth. These animals are not well treated or cared for. Commodities are always exploited for their greatest earning potential. Broken teeth and ulcers gone unnoticed for years is mistreatment! Not to mention this is a highly unsafe practice of driving in the streets of one of the busiest cities in the World! It’s not safe for the public either.

    This is an outdated practice and it’s foolish to support it for minimal extra tourist dollars. Why not invest in something more practical and safe; like old or exotic cars to tour nyc?
    Back in the day when horse buggies took people around, I suspect the population, pollution and traffic was just slightly different, right? It’s a different world now, so why not adjust to it?

    One day someone courageous will stand up and make history. Wouldn’t he rather be that person? I encourage him to stand up now and be a leader, not a follower.

  3. Tigress62 says:

    It’s truly unfortunate that Mayor Bloomberg is so unconcerned and indifferent to the abuse these horses are suffering in his own city. This industry adds nothing to the charm of the city as Mayor Bloomberg states in the article; I find nothing charming about a horse collapsing on a city street and in the case of Charlie dropping dead. I find it appalling. The Mayor should also remember that tourists may be animal lovers as well and not take so kindly to visiting a city that condones such atrocious abuse.

  4. Tracey Jackson says:

    I think Bloomberg should be put out to pasture, but first someone should attach a cart to him and have him drag two hundred pound tourists around the streets for hours without a break or food and then they can put him in a cement stall and he can stand in his own feces…And then he can start the day over and then let us see what his opinion is.
    Time to go Mike…..

  5. Donna Hagwood Roane says:

    Horses deserve pasture time for their well being…The carriage horses are worked for 8-10 hours every day, and then put in a stall. This is inhumane….In our city we have rickshaws pulled by bicycle… people love that just as much and it provides income and a job, for hundreds of people… Come on NYC wise up!

  6. martha skinner says:

    We were planning on a visit into NYC over the Christmas Holiday – a family of 10. We have cancelled those plans in view of the horses pulling the Hansom carriages and falling over in exhuastion. A city that is this cold and indiffernt to animals is not a place we would want to visit.

  7. Doc Stein says:

    I wonder what all of you really know about horses and the horse industry in general? Do you really know how the barrel racers are doing? Do you know how the racetrack horses are doing. Do any horse do anything for us humans by free will? As far as I know, the horses in the carriage business at least get food and “normal” care. I’ve seen alot of the opposit in both the US and other countries. And how can you all know that a pleasure riding horse really want to trott around with somebody on it’s back. My point is that if you are going to attack a part of the horse business, you might have to go against the whole lot, or at least manny more than you appreaciate? Bloomberg is right when it comes to the fact of life! Sometimes horses die! Sometimes people die. Even a loving dog can die unexpectedly! It’s strange to read all the comments……..maybe horses should be banned totaly…..just in case?

  8. Marti says:

    Mayor Bloomberg has long outlived his own usefulness and it’s time for him to discontinue! He is a toxic, harmful influence and I applaud anyone who chooses to boycot New York City until he is vacated from office.

  9. MBA says:

    They add something to the charm of the city? Seeing a dead horse lying in the middle of the street is not what I call “charming”.

  10. Jana says:

    Mayor Bloomberg owns, and his daughter shows, horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have seem him watching his daughter at the horse shoes and he knows EXACTLY what healthy horses look like, and these carriage horses do NOT look healthy. his horses would never be treated the way the central park horses are and he knows it. how disgusting.

  11. Bob Pomilla says:

    “Mayor Bloomberg argued that animals — like human beings — get old…………..
    They’re animals and animals and human beings, eventually, we all unfortunately stop continuing and it’s unfortunate when it happens, but that doesn’t mean that you stop doing things.”

    What a moronic comment by our idiot mayor. What the hell does “we all………..stop continuing”, even mean. Gibberish. Perhaps he means his thought processes have “stop(ed) continuing”?

    And yes, getting old doesn’t mean that we “stop doing things”, but it also doesn’t mean that we continue to labor, against our will, at a job that we are not able to perform without having to endure suffering and which causes us to collapse from exhaustion and illness.

    Two more years of this arrogant, soul less twerp is already too much, to contemplate. The thought of his being succeeded by his mini-me, hand puppet, and fellow carriage horse industry apologist, Christine Quinn, is nauseating.

  12. martha skinner says:

    I’ve been to NYC many a time and think these poor horses are driven well beyond what they can endure. Maybe a phone in to the Mayor … a big phone in along with emais and letters might help somewhat.

  13. BJ says:

    I’ve canceled my holiday trip to NYC and won’t be back until that pathetic excuse for a mayor ends this brutal abuse for horses there. I’m not sure there any compassion to be found in Mayor B as the only thing he seems to care about is greed and money — so very sad.

  14. Archie Bunker says:

    Just replace the horses with healthy colored people.

    1. LiberalsRDopes says:

      Or Sarah Jessica Parker

  15. felix says:

    Bloomberg only cares about ILLEGALS and TOURISTS. This industry makes this city look and smell like a 3rd world country. these thugs and peasants abuse the horses, overcharge tourists, work off the books, PAY no employer taxes, are in a fake union and probably are ILLEGALS with no driver licenses. piece of garbage. Shame on Bloomberg who doesn’t know this city. he lives in an gold plated tower. hate him with a passion

  16. Glad I'm not a Horse says:

    Well, it’s either a walk in the park of these horses or with President Obama’s recent signing into a law, horse-slaughter houses are now allowed in the USA. Just do an internet search for Obama horse meat and you’ll see what Congress just passed. Not good for horses in general.

  17. Cathy delano says:

    Let the Hansom carriages go the way of the buggy whip and let innovation drive their replacement. Why not show some NYC ingenuity and have an innovative engine pulling the Hansom carriages? It could still be designed to be a magnet for tourists and residents. But it would focus on intelligence, creativity, and technological advancement instead of mindless cruelty that poses for seasonal charm. This could be a win-win. No jobs would be lost, NYC would be positioned as innovative and humane, and tourists and children would be equally entertained. Everyone could be engaged in the transition — perhaps even hatching inventions of their own to solve the cruelty problem nobody wants to see. Mayor Bloomberg surely has the resources and contacts to get this off the ground. Let’s meet the challenge in a solution-oriented way and guarantee the horses a pasture environment and humane care. That would make everyone happy – That is horse trading all sides could support.

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