NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Protesters with the “Occupy” movement have continued to make waves nationwide, but they’ve been out of the New York City media spotlight pretty much since their encampment was swept out of Zuccotti Park.

Now supporters of Occupy Wall Street hope to recapture some of that attention with today’s “Day of Action NYC.” They’re planning a tour of foreclosed homes in East New York and intend to “liberate a foreclosed home,” according to their website.

“The banks got bailed out, but our families got kicked out,” reads a message on the site.

The Occupy protest got started Sept. 17 at Zuccotti Park. While the protesters have been allowed to continue their demonstration at the park, their sleeping bags, tents and other materials used to set up a permanent camp have been barred.

No word on whether the home they plan to “liberate” will become the next hub of the movement.

Protesters have also called for a “reoccupation” commencing on Dec. 17, which would be three months since the demonstration began.

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  1. Sarah lee says:

    I don’t feel sorry for a lot of those people the took loans they couldn’t afford . What did they thought will happen. When u take a loan u should think about different scenarios what if I loose my job what if my spouse dies etc. I know it’s not easy but before u borrow make sure u can pay it back or don’t do it and don’t complain.

  2. LiberalsRDopes says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I make 35,000 dollars a year and bought a half-million dollar house. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! And I couldn’t afford it it. Waaaaahhhhh. I borrowed 50,000 dollars and got a masters degree in the history od hula hoops. Now I can’t find a job. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I BLAME YOU. The person who made sound decisions and did the right things……..

  3. NYC says:

    Just want to say thank you all for looking our for us.

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