RYE BROOK, NY (WCBS 880) – Tractor-trailers aren’t allowed on the Hutchinson River Parkway for good reason — they can’t fit under the overpasses.

But that hasn’t stopped them from wandering onto the parkway and slamming into the structures.

The Journal News reports it’s happened 30 times so far this year. The accidents have usually involved out-of-state drivers following GPS directions or unwittingly veering off I-287 or I-684.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

One driver told WCBS 880’s Sean Adams that one time he was stuck on the parkway for 45 minutes after a truck struck an overpass.

State police have put together a task force to prevent future incidents.

Lawmakers have also been brainstorming solutions.

Rye Assemblyman George Latimer has suggested black-on-yellow warning signs on the interstates. Officials are also considering posting signs with silhouette of a truck circled in red with a slash through it and placing censors that sound alarm when a truck approaches.

The King Street bridge will soon be equipped with a device called the Wizard which will send out warnings to truckers via CB Radio.

What do you think should be done to prevent trucks from getting stuck on parkways? Share your idea in the comments section below!

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  1. ndkramer says:

    Trucks don’t “wander” onto the Hutchinson River Parkway, they are purposely driven onto the Hutch by truckers wilfully ignoring the numerous signs prohibiting their use of the highway.

    There is a simple way to stop the ridiculous number of them that smash into the King Street bridge over the Hutch each year, trucks that may one day take down that bridge.

    Just as all vehicles used to transport prohibited drugs are subject to forfeiture to the state, so too all vehicles smashing into that portion of the King Street bridge that goes over the main roadway of the Hutchinson River Parkway should be subject to forfeiture to the state.

  2. Rick Mazzola says:

    Karlson stole my thunder but those handing “cans” that hit the top of the truck and maybe set off an alarm at the ON RAMP, even before the truck enters the roadway is the cheapest and most effiicent method. Perhaps we should also have one that knocks on the State Police’s head who had to put together a task force????? to figure this out. And the lawmakers who are “brainstorming” couldn’t brainstorm their way out of a paper bag. Why is it that simple solutions are so difficult for the government to deal with????

  3. p8nt says:

    A bar with a sensor that is just under the maximum allowed height, that is connected to a spike strip on the road, would be good. If the sensor is tripped by a truck, the spike strip deploys.

  4. karlson says:

    They will have to install structures that contact the top of the truck at parkway entrances.

    These stringers may wake up the unintelligent drivers who can’t read or refuse to do so.

    An alternative is an electronic arrangement with a siren and a scanner that sees the truck is too large and tries to alert the driver with flashing lights and a screaming siren.

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