NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A New York City police officer apparently found himself on the wrong side of the law on a bus trip back from Philadelphia after the holiday weekend.

A Greyhound driver repeatedly tried to get Sgt. Carlos Fabara off the New York City-bound bus Tuesday because he was apparently too drunk, according to published reports.

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Cellphone videos of the alleged incident recorded by a passengers landed on YouTube.

Geoffrey Parrish, who uploaded one of the videos to YouTube, wrote that the officer and a friend were “stumbling drunk and slurring” when they boarded the bus and “refused to get off when they were asked to wait outside with the other ticketed customers.”

Parrish added that the driver was already “on a short fuse” since a passenger had apparently been kicked off earlier for smoking cigarettes in the bathroom.

Witnesses described Fabara as “wasted” while arguing with the bus driver after apparently being caught without a ticket.

“It’s been about 15 minutes of, ‘Let’s go,’ ‘No, I paid for a ticket,'” a man in the video says.

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In one video, the driver can bee seen struggling with Fabara, trying to pull him out of his seat.

The driver eventually called police who handcuffed Fabara and escorted him off the bus. As police were taking him into custody he could be heard in another video, repeatedly saying, “Officer, I’m not resisting.”

Internal Affairs is investigating.

Fabara is reportedly the same police officer profiled in 2007 for having the most civilian complaints lodged against him in a year.


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Another video of the incident can be seen here.