NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Around one million revelers welcomed the new year at  Times Square.

“It’s chaotic but I love it. It’s New York,” said Yvonne Taylor of Indianapolis.

“Very, very insane but I hope it’s going to be worth it. We’re right by the stage so we’re going to see the artist and the ball drop,” said Eric Guerra of Tampa.

Warmer weather on New Year’s Eve welcomed the throng of revelers at the Crossroads of the World, from across the country and around the world.

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“I made it this morning. I love to get into things,” said Virginia Thornley of the Upper East Side.

“A new beginning for everything, definitely, said” Aime Kern of Kentucky.

Ty from Bridgeport, Connecticut has been camped out at 46th Street and Seventh since 10 p.m. Friday. He says it’s his first time ever ringing in the New Year at the Crossroads Of The World.

“The best part I’d have to say is the people,” he said. “If you’re going to spend New Year’s Eve anywhere, New York is the place to do it.”

Andre, also from Connecticut, says he slept in Times Square all night to get a good spot and says there’s no where else he’d rather be.

“If you could experience it once, it’s worth every bit of it,” he said.

Even Mayor Michel Bloomberg was on hand to watch the ball drop.

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“Every year. I’ve gone out for 10 years,” he said. “It is one of the most exciting things. The ball comes down and music plays and the fireworks go off and people cheer.”

“It’s a good year. You just have to have a positive attitude and we’re here. A lot of people, so let’s bring the new year,” said Sara Rueda from Colombia.

Bag checks, canine officers, bomb-sniffing dogs, and thousands of New York’s finest in uniform and plainclothes were strategically stationed at the party.

“You’ll see mounted police officers. Our helicopters will be up in the air. We’re checking a 200-block area around Times Square,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Friday.

Kelly also said people who enter the area will have to go through a magnetometer check.

COBRA teams will handle chemical, biological and radiological threats and will be pre-deployed to key areas. Manhole covers are sealed, barricades are set up to pen in the revelers and at least 500 security cameras are in place to scan the crowds.

“This would be the safest place ever.  It’s a wonderful night to be here,” Carmen Villarica-Remache, of Queens, said.

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Some 238 new Waterford crystal panels were added to those from past years on the nearly six-ton ball. It’s adorned with almost 3,000 crystal triangles. The new patterns on the ball represent friends holding hands for this year’s theme, “Let There Be Friendship.”

Countdown Entertainment President Jeffery Straus says they can’t wait.

“And what’s so great about this ball is not just us in Times Square, the 1 million revelers, it’s over a hundred million Americans and over a billion people around the globe that will be counting down with us,” he said.

The Times Square celebration was star-studded this year, with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Drake, Pitbull, Cee Lo Green, Hot Chelle Rae, Broadway Cast of “Rock of Ages,” and more on hand.

Lady Gaga was also chosen by Mayor Bloomberg to lead the final 60-second countdown to the New Year.

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  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    where you can not get a gun permit however if you are interested in other mens rectums the Mayor will marry you

  2. adam j. mack says:

    ”We welcome in the year 2012 from around the world.”

  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    The Mayor of NYC like to marry men that are interested in other mens rectums and you people call me sick.Happy New Year

    1. Sean D. says:

      You’re not sick. You’re one, big, bad dirty joke.

  4. cygon says:

    I went there once. Ain’t all that great.

  5. Raymond Leslie says:

    Will bloomberg take a raise this year? Oh yeah i forgot he”s worth 10 billion more now than when he first took office, Listen people have a happy one.

  6. Pope John Esq. says:

    I think this blog will need registration soon to stop the racists
    and other sicko’s from hating and being sicko’s

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

      1. Mitch says:

        Then you’re the biggest liberal I know xxxxx, etc.

  7. The Realist says:

    How much are WE THE PEOPLE paying for all these celebrities to appear?

  8. adam j. mack says:

    ”Happy new year to everybody worldwide.”

  9. Ellen says:

    Your one sick SOB. Don’t you ever have anything nice to say.

  10. theclarkster says:

    If you have nothing nice to say, I suggest keeping your mouth shut. I see why you ID’d yourself as “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

  11. MAYOR MIKE IS A POS says:


  12. JT - Joplin, MO says:

    I attended the ball drop 2 years ago. It’s a lot of fun and even watching all the crews and people set up in the day beforehand is fun. I have always enjoyed my visits to New York City and look forward to vistiing again in the future. It’s one of my favorite cities and I wish you all well in 2012 and beyond.

  13. adam j. mack says:

    ”Thousand’s of people hit times square to being in 2012.”

  14. adam j. mack says:

    ”We want to make sure everything to stay safe for the new year.”

  15. Tax Payer says:

    With all the police and sanitation overtime, plus the cost of all those Waterford crystals, New Year’s Eve is the one time of year when the City actually LOSES money on tourism.

    1. Tax Payer says:

      Plus, don’t forget to include…

      – Lady Gaga’s appearance fee (at least $200,000).

      – A group of City employees who get paid for THE WHOLE YEAR even though their only job is to set up for New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

  16. Ellen says:

    Happy New Year to all,

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