NEW YORK (WFAN) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just took one “Giant” leap for the Garden State.

If the Giants win the Super Bowl, Christie wants the victory parade in his state, not across the way in Manhattan’s Canyon of Heroes.

“They play in New Jersey,” Christie, when asked about where the Giants should host their potential celebration, responded Wednesday morning during his appearance on the “Today” show. “They train in New Jersey.”

Host Matt Lauer then hinted at the Giants’ iconic “NY” logo.

“What’s it say on their helmets?” he asked.

Christie was quick to respond: “That’s about it.”

Meanwhile, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for millions of dollars in state funding to help keep the Buffalo Bills — the only NFL team that actually plays its regular-season games in the Empire State — in western New York.

The Giants held a rally in East Rutherford after they won Super Bowl XLII, but the 2008 ticker-tape parade marched down the Canyon of Heroes.

Does Christie have a point? Make your case for NJ or NY in the comments below…

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  1. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

    When the NJ Giants win the Super Bowl, they should have the festivities in MetLife stadium itself.

    Charge $10 per person to offset any security costs and it should be: first come first seated. No preference to season ticket holders!

  2. Dj says:

    The Giants and Jets are from New York last time i checked Ny was on their Helmets and they were Called The New York Giants and Jets. There not from Nj and the only reason they have their stadium there is because there’s no space in Nyc. There our team not yours just get over the fact that Nj has no good Sports teams and once Bk takes the nets i don’t even think you will have any sports teams

    1. JadaStar says:

      No, actually, the reason why the stadium is in NJ is because NY was TOO CHEAP to pay for a stadium. Come on New Yorkers, learn the difference in locations….for the love of God…METLIFE Stadium is in NJ…unless you happen to have a screwed up GPS system. You send your checks to NJ addresses and the banks that houses those checks are in NJ. The players LIVE in NJ, their kids go to school in NJ. So unless you a complete idiot when it comes to the difference in NY vs. NJ….Christie (dare I say it) makes a valid point.

  3. nrichard says:

    They ARE the NY Giants and they ARE the NY Jets – that is where they are incorporated – and where in NJ would this parade take place? Trenton? Really?
    Please – like they don’t own the Statue of Liberty (Really – do you think the French gave it to NJ?) – NJ does not own either of these teams.

    1. Cynthia Grunstra says:

      Then take them OUT of NJ and bring all of the damn traffic to NY! Oh that’s right. New York City doesn’t have the room does it?? But the Garden State does. They PLAY in New Jersey! They STAY in New Jersey! There are plenty of cities, towns and open ares within which to have a parade. Without all of the maniacs or Homeless people of NYC getting in the way of the crowd or the camera shot.

  4. Gov Munchabunch says:

    How about in Newark where the players could ride in stolen cars and gunfire would be used instead of fireworks

  5. Howie Sprague says:

    Christie’s only interest in having a parade is the possibility of a mobile fried dough concession being present.

  6. BRIAN says:

    I think the giants should just have giants on the helmet not NY like in the 90s. Also I think the Jets should move to Citified and the Mets should close down.

  7. Kevin X. Hooey says:

    The Giants probably won’t even be in the SuperBowl, let alone win it so WGASWGAF.

  8. The LobsterMan says:

    Althouhg I have been a fan of the Giants for 42 years and I am a New Yorker, they and the Jets are New Jersey teams despite the fact that they call themselves New York. They do almost nothing related to NY except for players going to NYC clubs. So if Governor Chris “Should Eat Some Salads” Christie wants a parade in NJ, go for it. But the parade in NJ would be nothing compared to the Canyon of Heros downtown.

  9. Lou D. says:

    He’s right, they should have a parade for them in NJ in addition to the one in NY. But Christie likes to run his mouth and not back it up. If you want one set it up but be prepared to pay for it. I’m satisfied with the stadium ceremony.

  10. Will McQ says:

    The day that happens, is the day the Giants need to change their name!

  11. p8nt says:

    There’s no reason to issue a ticker tape parade for sports teams. Especially not down the Canyon of Heroes.

  12. nick says:

    None of us may live that long

  13. gives says:

    hes a jets fan–shouldnt he be preparing for the jets parade

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