NEW YORK (WFAN) — It pays to be one of Colts owner Jim Irsay’s 116,000-plus followers on Twitter.

Not only did Irsay announce that the Colts expect to decide on a new head coach next week, he’s giving away two Super Bowl tickets to the lucky fan who can correctly predict the hire.

“1 guess only,” Irsay tweeted Tuesday. “GOOD LUCK.”

The Colts fired coach Jim Caldwell last week after finishing a lowly 2-14 in 2011.

Irsay said predictions must be in by midnight EST tonight. So if you want to see Giants-Patriots in person Feb. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium, you’d better think fast.

“If you predict Rob Lowe,” he added, “I’ll have to hunt you down like a rabid rat in the dark night and tease your kin and soak ur shoes n salted waters!”

The actor, of course, made headlines last week when he prematurely tweeted Peyton Manning’s decision to retire. Manning has since refuted the Lowe report.

So who will it be?

Super Bowl winner Brian Billick? Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel?

Make your pick — and cross your fingers.

You could be headed to Indianapolis.

Think you’ve got it in the bag? Take a practice guess in the comments below…