NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What was that?

That’s the reaction many might be having to Queens-native Nicki Minaj’s exorcism-infused performance of her new single “Roman Holiday” at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

Perhaps we should’ve seen something strange coming when Minaj walked the red carpet in flowing red robes, looking like some sort of priestess.

Rapper Nicki Minaj, dressed in robes, walks with a person dressed like a bishop or pope on the red carpet of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, 2012 in Los Angeles. (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The performance began with the rapper in a faux-confession setting, sitting divided from a priest, who ultimately clutches his hands around his ears.

“I feel pretty, and witty, I slay,” rapped Minaj.

The “priest” seems to be mouthing the word “stop” over and over again.

The performance then cut to a scene reminiscent of the classic horror flick “The Exorcist,” with Minaj cast as a person possessed.

What followed was a spectacle of robe-clad dancers, Minaj rapping while strapped to some kind restraining device.

Minaj is then shown kneeling at an altar, before a mock exorcism commences, with wires hoisting Minaj as a priest gesticulates nearby.

The Catholic League was not amused.

“Perhaps the most vulgar was the sexual statement that showed a scantily clad female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy knelt between her legs in prayer,” said Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League.

“None of this was by accident, and all of it was approved The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys. Wheter Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility of The Recording Academy. Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam,” Donohue said

“It’s bad enough that Catholics have to fight for their rights vis-a-vis a hostile administration in Washington also having to fend off attacks in the entertainment industry,” said Donohue. Donohue was apparently referring to the recent fracas between Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan and President Barack Obama. The two clashed over a health care policy requiring religious-backed institutions to cover the costs of birth control for their employees.

Reaction to Minaj’s performance was swift on Twitter – much of it negative.

“Maybe you had to be there,” Tweeted comedienne Wendy Liebman.

“Suddenly, Lady Gaga seems really, really normal,” Tweeted People magazine staff writer Steve Helling.

Did you catch the performance? What did you make of it? Sound off in our comments section below. 

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  1. david11238 says:

    Have the League & the Church hold back her birth control.

    1. siege44 says:

      I don’t think we want her having children…

      1. GIANTS FAN says:

        She can afford them at least. Does anyone else think the state of entertainment in this country is a sign of the inevitable decline? I recommend preparing for the collapse of this nation because it is happening before our very eyes…

    2. Mickey says:

      Nobody is holding back anyone’s birth control. Just objecting to being forced to provide it.

      1. Seconded says:

        That’s logic, liberal are opposed to it and any other form of independent freedom.

      2. ronda says:

        Why would one be so opposed to providing birth control? Assuming you are not speaking of abortion.

      3. Jequato says:

        If alter boys could get pregnant, the church wouldn’t object to birth control…

    3. ja prime says:

      Her mother should have been the one to believe in birth control.

      1. Rodin says:

        Which has achieved all of EIGHT (8) signatures!!!!! LoL

  2. SVS says:

    you dont have a clue about music

  3. John Greenfraud says:

    Brain dead liberals invariably side with evil over good, wrong over right, and behaviors that are destructive over those behaviors that are beneficial because to do otherwise would be ‘discriminating’ or ‘judging’ and that makes you a hater or a racist or a (fill in the blank). Liberals are the smartest people in the world, just ask one. Remove them from positions of power in our government, or our Republic dies, end of story.

    1. DCLaw-1 says:

      When you hear a liberal anoint sombody as “intelligent,” it is simply a way for liberals to say that the person thinks the same way they do. Anybody that has an open mind or their won opinion on an issue is a nut, or stupid.

    2. Bub says:

      And they blame the Right for ‘Beat-downs’ and ‘flash mob’ roberies.

  4. Rimshot says:

    She’s clearly angry at God for making her so unattractive and devoid of talent.

    1. rae ekaf says:

      lol Good one!

    2. Jequato says:

      You mean the “make believe” man in the sky? Your imaginary friend?

  5. MARK WILSON says:


    1. Sam says:

      That McCartney jam was impressive!

  6. Nena says:

    I thankfully turned it off before that trash came on. Just typical of the Godless Hollywood crowd. The show started with a prayer to God and then proceeded to mock him 🙁 This Minaj is GARRRBaage!

  7. bob says:

    Finally the return of BANDS. Dave Grohl nailed it with his comments, when receiving his award. Learn an instrument, learn music and practice the craft. One of the best Grammy shows I can remember, except for those two no talent performances of Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. The performances of true bands and musicians of all genres were fantastic. Tired of the corporate created crap that they put some no talent hack out front to promote.

    1. Mick says:

      ….then grohl proceeded to perform with the deadmau and the sub-human chris brown.

  8. PRC says:

    All I see is complaints… I have not read one comment that acctuatley explained what was wrong with the performance i can tell you right off the bat. But all I really See is Hatred For a person nobody will ever meet and she could prolly care less what you say because she knows nothing of you… and i dont hear any solutions to solve whats so bad either #just saying

    1. bob says:

      It was a “performance art” piece. In that context i can appreciate it. But don’t pass it off as Music.

      1. nena says:

        If that is art to you then deficating in the street is also…

        1. bob says:

          Didn’t say I liked it! Just making the point that it wasn’t a “music” performance. Maybe should have used the word understand instead of appreciate.

        2. Jequato says:

          This is exactly what the grumpy old timers said when The Who first came onto the scene, smashing their equipment. It wasn’t the end of civilization then and it isn’t now. If your faith is strong, you shouldn’t care what people say about it…it’s YOUR BELIEF, right? Get a grip and worry about things that really matter, because this is nothing more than free speech.

          1. Rodin says:

            “NOTHING MORE” than free speech?!?!?!?!?!?! As if that were nothing at all?

            1. Jequato says:

              So, you want to CENSOR speech that YOU don’t agree with, huh? I see…

              1. Rodin says:

                No. You didn’t get it. You’re too defensive.

                I’m referring to your choice of language and phrasing which appear to diminish the value of free speech. I advise you be more selective in your choice of words so you convey the proper message. It’s called “constructive criticism,” a positive endorsement with reservations on language.

                1. Jequato says:

                  Yeah thanks for the English lesson professor.

          2. albie says:

            Please explain the statement Ms. Minaj is making with her free speech rights. While its true The Who did some guitar smashing, they also had they had the musical genius of Pete Townshend to back up their spectacle. What does Nicki have? That song was so amateur, so pedestrian and just plain bad, I find it hard to believe there was any real thought or insight put into this performance. I respect performance art and I don’t really care if this was offensive to the Catholic Church, but art without vision is schlock.

          3. trixipixie says:

            This is the most common sense statement to this whole debacle. One performance shouldn’t shake your faith otherwise you have bigger problems then Nicki Minaj.

        3. Jequato says:

          I love YOUR art! You’ve mastered the art of misspelling, right? Or did you really mean to write defecating?

          Apparently, you find the need to agree with anything before it can be called art, is that correct? If YOU like it, it’s art. If you don’t, it’s crap. Wait…the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together…Hi, El Rushbo!!!

      2. Kathy Pany-Johnston says:

        A piece of art in very POOR taste! Great reflection of where her soul is! “under the ground” trash!

    2. Nena says:

      These people have no morale concience they want to shock people with garbage enterainment. My solution is I just do not buy their junk that they call music…

      1. Jequato says:

        With what you don’t spend on what isn’t music, buy a dictionary. It will help you improve your spelling.

    3. Gary McLoughlin says:

      My suggestion is that you Learn when IT is appropriate to capitalize Letters for no Reason In the middle of A sentence.

      What is wrong is that it is mocking a sacrament of the Catholic Church. Imbecile.

    4. Shane says:

      PRC….Really???? What was wrong with the performance? Okay…It was stupid, her voice was horrible, it was all over the place and it’s the Grammy’s….not some playhouse for freaks on LSD. As for solving the problem…maybe some pills and a bathtub?

    5. Undergraduate says:

      Read the article, nitwit.

    6. karen says:

      Nikki was not controversial. She just did an awful job of recycling a ‘70’s movie theme. An original theme or unique style are the hallmark of real talent.

    7. Right Now says:

      So it’s a solution you’re looking for then? That’s easy!

      The only solution there is to Minaj’s hate-fueled mockery is the Love of Chr*st.

    8. Bub says:

      Why do people still watch the Grammies? I gave up years ago. It seems like real talent is completely absent from this. It just winds up being an exercise in self congradulation and screw the public.

  9. Marie Lowrance says:


  10. Rev Right says:

    Your judgement of musical talent is on par with your grammar.

  11. Steve says:

    Last night’s “performance” by Nicki Minaj was about as disgusting as it gets in Hollywood and that’s going some. That they approved of this mocking attack on my religion shows how morally bankrupt you all are out there. No wonder their stars are dying in your putrid culture. Next year how about showing some real courage and mock somebody else’s religion like Islam. I’ll turn the other cheek, but they won’t.

    1. I LOVE MSM says:

      Your logic makes no sense. You do not think there are crazy radical Christians too? C’mon Man! You act as though Christians only do good, and all Islamic’s are terrorists. Too much Fox News.

      1. MSM Sux says:

        Totally! Like the radical Christian that strap bombs to the kids chest, Stone their women for showing a piece of skin, Behead their people in town squares, fly plans into building, etc… Oh, those radical Christians.

        WIth logic like yours, I see why it makes not sense.

      2. Asianeyes704 says:

        No you missed the point and your response shows it. He stating that people like you will defend Islam as soon as it is mocked, but you will not stand up for Christians. As proven in your post. Geez stop hating Fox News and maybe you can learn to read for content….

      3. JenB says:

        Exactly, there are tons of radical Presbyterians, Catholics and Baptists. I hear about them all the time. Oh wait…no I don’t.

        1. Louis says:

          Uh, what about the Westboro Baptists?

          1. DH says:

            Sorry but that “church” is not recognized by the Baptists. That’s like me saying I’m Tony Romo because I wear a jersey with his name and number on it.

            1. Jequato says:

              Just because they aren’t recognized by “the Baptists” doesn’t mean they aren’t a radical religious organization. Anyway, they both believe in the same imaginary man in the sky.

  12. nevadavoter1 says:

    What an ugly little girl… this is entertainment? Keep it!

  13. John G Head says:

    Oh my God. Please learn how to write correctly. You’re making a fool of yourself.

  14. Curtis says:

    When the musical opened and the “lady” was in the confessional, I turned off the TV. I knew is was not going anywhere I wanted to be.

  15. Jim57 says:

    those who can sing (Rhinna, Adele) do and those who can’t do other things….

    1. cattyfan says:

      Rhianna relies on autotune, skimpy outfits, and lyrics about whips and chains.

      No thanks..

      1. Louis says:

        Rhianna actually has a really good, strong voice. Lady Gaga can sing too. She does a beautiful acapella version of “Born this Way” during the credits of her Live at Madison Square Garden video.

        1. DH says:

          They all sound good in studio, but they all lipsync during performances. It’s not artistry and it’s not musicianship.

    2. DUH says:

      True–Just look at Lady Gaga.

  16. mimi says:

    As soon as she come on, I turned off the tv. What a bitch!

  17. Hawkeye says:

    You’re right Dennis.When the Marxists take over religon is the first thing to go.This lowlife Minaj is just following what the empty suit in the White House is doing.

    1. Crazyeye says:

      No one should be taking over religion. It is your’s to practice and believe. Quit worrying about other people and what they do. How do Minaj and Obummer even compare? Not seeing the correlation…

      1. Jequato says:

        I love how Tea Partiers mock Obama by making up cute little variations on his name, like Obummer. Oddly, in order to insult the last administration, all one had to do was use the word Bush. Notice how absent that name is from the speeches and campaigns of the current GOP candidates. They want as much distance from those horrific eight years as as possible, but some apparently think of them as the good ol’ days.

  18. Peter North says:

    The good news is that this hose 15 minutes are almost up and we won’t have to hear about her next year…..other than she killed herself or is auditioning for a reality show.

    1. JOSE says:


  19. Rob says:

    LOL get your head checked

    1. PRC says:

      its true nobody said anything to her

  20. menage-a-ree says:

    She looks like the thing Eddie Murphy picked up years ago.

  21. rad72 says:

    Just once, i would like to see a similar mocking of Islam. It won’t happen because these “fresh and creative artists” are too afraid of “the religion of peace”. The most they will get in protest from bashing Christianity is a posted comment or a 15 sec sound bite on the news. SAD

    1. Rockmelon says:

      Good point!

    2. MsKira says:

      You mean like the movie that Adam Sandler is coming out with? O.. you mean like all the rude post that people make everyday about Muslims?? O.. I think the performance was stupid but come on.. Christians do plenty of bad things too.. let me guess you are going to say where right? Thats because they do it in other countries.. they have already made their mark on North America and the Caribbean…. Colonizations was Christians purging other religions and cultures..

      1. Mikey says:

        Adam Sandler is Jewish…

        Rude comments aren’t quite the same as cutting people’s heads off or burning “Sorcerers” alive. You’re so uninformed about “Colonizations” it’s laughable.

        What else you got?

  22. Charla Parks says:

    Nope, Didn’t see it. A large part of the population no longer even bothers watching what the big media is producing. It no longer offers us anything.

    1. Richard says:

      I guess that’s why it got the highest ratings since 1984… Wait a minute, now I’m confused…

  23. PRC says:

    i want toask how this is anti christian im not picking a fight but how is this anti chrstian yes it was a little on the line but i mean hey do what you do. i feel if lady gaga would of dont this like in judas people wouldnt of cared as much

    1. Henry Keller says:

      @PRC you seem to be illiterate and you obviously have no taste for music either!!!

    2. Fred says:

      Speak english please.

    3. Kim Glass says:

      U sond liek the smratest persin on hear. U make da brillint comments wit logic even a dimocrap cood undersantd

  24. RICH E. says:

    She has NO TALENT. End of discussion

  25. Kala says:

    These people have zero imagination, they just love to give the audience the finger everytime they get on statge. Maybe their need anger management and therapy more than a recording contract.

  26. Mick says:

    Mocking the church? how shocking…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. DG says:

    Another loser with no talent

  28. Allan says:

    I would have like to see Tedeschi Trucks Band receive their award for Best Blues Album and Alison Krauss receive hers. Instead, viewers were subjected to no talent performances by the woman beating Chris Brown or the thing that crawled out from under a rock, Niki Minaj. I was glad to see, in the awards, that talent won out over shock factor and glitz. Congrats Adele. Dave Grohl was right, it should only be about the microphone and the instrument.

    1. naptholk says:


    2. Timothy says:

      Art should challenge the establishment and press the limits of what is accepted…yes. But the Catholic Church? yawn… that’s so tired and done a thousand time already. Want to make a statement on a large stage that takes real courage? Challenge Islam’s treatment towards Women, Girls, and people of other convictions. Challenge your own beloved Obama and his hypocritical condemnation of the wealthy while he bails out his Wallstreet buddies and corporate cronies at GE and GM. There was a time for art to criticize the Catholic Church…to take on the Millionaire Televangelists of the 90’s…. I applauded it then. Very few are as “courageous” however, when it comes to addressing the actual modern day atrocities that need the voice of the artistic community. It’s a shame really.

    3. cwilliams says:

      Agreed-aside from Dream Theater and Journey, Foo Fighters have to be one of the best rock bands of all time-and it is pretty simple no matter how you play it-it’s rock.

      The s–t we were subjected to last night was just that-and in typical progressive fashion-never disrespect Judaism or Islam-nope, but Christians are fair game.

      Congrats to Adele, lady A, Foo Fighters, etc-Chris can crawl back under a rock with Minaj….

    4. Karen Sing says:

      Hear-hear! Well said! You certainly speak for me. Go Adele! This woman can actually sing!

  29. omstrat says:

    Rap , the home of talentless street garbage. Stupid popul;ation , stupid muisc.

    1. PRC says:

      by they who do you mean?

      1. JOSE says:


        1. PRC says:

          no I do not know any garden squeashes haha ill keep a look out

    2. Taijh Guerrier says:

      yay for ignorance!

  30. Greg says:

    That’s what’s so GREAT about Adele–and Whitney. No gimmicks and garbage, just VOICES!

    1. TreeOfLifeSword says:

      Very well said. The black community needs to distance itself from the rap rabble. Losing performers like Whitney Houston points out what trash is left as far as female (and male) black entertainers. It does nothing but DRAG THE CULTURE DOWN.

      1. MsKira says:

        That’s because people want to see negativity.. There are plenty of talented Black Artist you just want to see the negative ones.. Rappers are not the only black artist… what about Common and Alicia Keys.. Jennifer Hudson.. they were on their no one mentioning them when they mention black people but HELLO they are BLACK… since they didn’t do something negative why bring them up though right?
        I think the performance was stupid but come on.. Christians do plenty of bad things too.. let me guess you are going to say where right? Thats because they do it in other countries.. they have already made their mark on North America and the Caribbean…. Colonizations was Christians purging other religions and cultures..

        I see a lot of “Christians” on this page mad because someone insulted their HOLY Religion but yet are reduced to making Racist statements and having Racist attitudes….. Thanks for validating

        1. Rell says:

          I agree. There are other artist with AMAZING voices that are not getting recognized. Chrisette Michele has a beautiful voice but has not gained the fame that Adele or Nicki has gained. Nicki’s fame is a reflection of AMERICA, not just BLACKS. White people, Asians, etc buy her music too, i.e. Taylor Swift. So, America should reevaluate their choices in music.

    2. Bryan says:

      Yes, lets dump praise on a dead crack head. Such a role model…b

      1. KBKBKB says:

        People are praising her voice and talent, not her drug use. She was world famous, and you’re nothing.

  31. Steinmann says:

    Again, what one does that has no real talent to sell other than shock. It’s why most of these people are sold to the public as unbelievable but are not around in 3 to 5 years because the public realizes it was caught into believing a lie. Record companies are becoming more irrelevant. Too many outlets to bypass them and sell. Steve Jobs saw it.

  32. claudia says:

    This was a black mass. No disguises. It was meant to offend Christians and tear down sensibilities in the name of entertainment. It was blasphemous. And the network knows it, allowed it, and promoted it. CBS needs to apologize to viewers. It needs to understand, we cannot tolerate a delibeate affront to our faith, the value of life, rather than child sacrifice which this portrayed, and needs to realize there are more Christians than satanists who watch their network. Apologize, and never run this occult crap in disguise or on stage again. Note: The winners of the night were Adele, Taylor, Jenifer Hudson, Foo Fighters, Glenn Campbell who all delivered honest, and heart felt, and artistic heroic work. Grace, Courage, Love delivers. Everytime.

    1. God Lover says:

      1 Timothy 2:11

      “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission.”

      if you were really a Christian you would forgive them and stop complaining.

      1. my.$02 says:

        Is that what Jesus did when He overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple? Or is anger not a sin, but an emotion?

        1. God Lover says:

          If the grammys are your “temple” then you have serious problems.

          You can’t start a sentence with the word “Or” and no one is stating anything about anger being a sin or otherwise so stop gas-lighting with your lame attempts at a comeback.

        2. DH says:

          Sorry but I think the anger of God is allowed, it’s called “righteous anger”.

      2. PRC says:

        thank you GOD LOVER! thats all i see is complaining right here

        1. Gary McLoughlin says:

          Well, I’m not complaining. I’m just pointing out that you have the intelligence of a squid, obviously dropped out of school in the 6th grade to have a baby, have never worked a day in your life, subsist on the welfare of others and probably smoked a big pipe of crack before writing your drivel this morning…

          1. God Lover says:

            wow, Gary McLoughlin, that’s some rough hating there, why would you say such horrible things to someone for voicing their opinion- many people aren’t well-spoken or articulate and should not be criticized for voicing their thoughts.

      3. PRC says:

        i wish this was facebook so i can like this… and thats what I do not understand Why some of these Comments are relavant to the performance. these comments are yes disgusting.

        1. Gary McLoughlin says:

          That’s right. You cannot like this unless this is Facebook

      4. Luvmom says:

        So you are saying we should all go out of our way to pinpoint and attack someone else’ particular religion because that is what freedom of religion is all about? But if those who were attacked try to comment about it, they should NOT have the freedom to do so?

    2. Gary McLoughlin says:

      It was a Black Mass… also a Black Mess

    3. ronda says:

      You discredit yourself with the stroke of your first sentence. You people are giving this performance WAY too much credit and letting your imaginations of satan and conspiracies run amuck.This was nothing more than a no talent hood rat trying to drum up a massive amount of attention with this controversial but mostly BORING act. Nicki Manaj…. WINNING!

    4. Rodin says:

      Just another myth-lovin’ Christian. Christians are offensive. Just read through the so-called Christian posts here. Nothing but frothing.

      It was blasphemous?

      “Mockery of religion is one of the most essential things because to demystify supposedly ‘holy text dictated by god’ and show that they are man made and what you have to show [is] their internal inconsistencies and absurdities. One of the beginnings of human emancipation is the ability to laugh at authority… it is an indispensable thing. People can call it blasphemy if they like, but if they call it that, they have to assume there is something to be blasphemed – some divine work, well I don’t accept the premise.” ~ Christopher Hitchens

    5. Rodin says:

      Black mass, Catholic mass, a mass is a mass is a mass. Same difference.

      Free from religion, good without gØd!

  33. mgusto says:

    I hope we’ve seen the last of this faux “artist”. It was a very, very low point in an otherwise decent show. LL did great!..and Adele, Congratulations for showing some class up there and not trying to make it by shocking and offending people. We really had enought of that with Madona…Lady Gaga is getting old, and with Adele beating her in every category, looks like others are feeling the same fatigue. Jennifer, wonderful performance along with Alicia and Bonnie!! Thank you!

  34. Jeff says: NEEDED to be addressed?.. so you actually got something out of THAT?.. OK then.

  35. freecheese says:

    The Grammy’s every year gets to be a bigger and bigger freak show. I quit watching that and the Oscars because of that.
    Rap is CRUDE, and alternativ “rock” is not music, rather it is NOISE.

  36. Roger says:

    We not only do not watch the Grammy awards but stopped listening to 90% of what passes for music these days. The hip-hop just suggests minority women just want s e x and all minority men are willing to give it to them.. much other music is about foul words and unrecognizable lyrics. And most of today’s performers are machine enhanced and have no voice otherwise. I didn’t grow up with the “Oldies but Goodies” however upon hearing them today at least the words are audible and the voices were their own!

  37. Doug Rose says:

    Just another “Non-Talented” using gimmicks to get attention…
    Nothing to see here….Move along…………….

  38. Teacookies says:

    It’s what they (rappers) do. Why don’t they have their own award show and leave the Grammy’s to REAL music. Who would think someone could make Gaga look sane.

    1. Stevie the K says:


  39. Fyodor Camus says:

    It was intensely stupid!

  40. MC says:

    Man…she’s REALLY ugly.

  41. Yuck says:

    At least it accomplished one thing. I no longer have to peek under the kitchen sink to see trash. It was live, pathetic and on my television set. Saved me a trip to the kitchen……

  42. cattyfan says:

    This is what people with no talent do. They create a spectacle so they can still have attention.

    I can’t imagine the producers agreeing to include her performance if it had mocked some other religion, though…say Judaism or Islam.

    Let’s hope her career is mercifully and appropriately short.

  43. Pious III says:

    I would have loved to see her mock Islam and seen the reaction from that! … or may be the sacred cow of Hinduism! (sorry, just had to get that in there!)

  44. GlarryB says:

    Crap like this is why I stopped watching the Grammy’s years ago. It’s gone into the gutter along with what they call “music”.

  45. CHRIS VIDRINE says:


    1. Jeff says:

      ..’cuz she has no talent..

    2. Yuck says:

      The answer is in your timely question: People CAN’T sing today. They need AutoTune and a host of studio gadgetry to make them sound good. Whitney only needed a mike, and sometimes, not even that. What a voice.

  46. sas says:

    More tawdry church-bashing for cheap publicity. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

  47. Rob in STL says:

    I just found the whole thing very odd. It was offensive only in that it was intended to BE offensive, I think she was really trying to make waves by offending Catholics and the Church, but I didn’t really get offended, I was too busy going “WTF is the point again?”

    Yeah, it’s funny to say but Lady Gaga, now looking really blase…

  48. Monica WhoDat Finley says:

    It SUCKED!

  49. Lavonia Graham says:

    I didn’t find it offensive in anyway because I know my GOD and I’m comfortable in my skin. She was expressing something that needed to be address!

    1. matthew says:

      are you retarded????

    2. “something that needed to be address” What is that?

      What she addressed is that popular music in this country has become another low quality product force fed to the brain washed youth, yes, I said that.

      Is this good music? tell me, honestly.

    3. TeaRunner says:

      Yes, we’re already aware there are stupid people running free. It was addressed decades ago by pooling them into the Democrat party.

      1. Jequato says:

        Keep drinking the tea, genius.

    4. PRC says:

      the best comment on this site!!!!! as long as you kno YOUR God then it shouldnt matter. I feel the same way you do

    5. karen says:

      Recycling a theme from a ’70’s movie is not expressing a contemproary nor relevant issue.

  50. I wanted superbass says:

    Lets just say SInead O’connor Do not bring religion into your music.Remember what it did for her career.

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