The Frank Family Of Jericho, N.Y. Is Witnessing Something Not Thought Possible

JERICHO, N.Y. (CBS 2) — They are medications used in cosmetic procedures, but they are now being paired up with astounding results.

A 7-year-old Long Island girl who was not able to walk recently took her first steps, reported CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

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It is a simple pleasure, a parent and child taking a walk. But until recently it was impossible for Dina Frank.

A year ago, Dina was in a wheelchair, but now she’s taking unassisted steps.

Born prematurely with brain bleeding, Dina has cerebral palsy. She never walked on her own, even after a double hip replacement.

“Now she’ll walk around the neighborhood. We don’t need to take the wheelchair anywhere anymore. It’s incredible,” said Marcy Frank, Dina’s mother.

The incredible strides have been due to a new treatment. Twice a year at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian, Dina gets injections of phenol and Botox.

Most people associate Botox injections with cosmetic procedures, but the same medicine that freezes muscles to get rid of wrinkles is also kelping children with cerebral palsy walk.

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Phenol is alcohol often used for chemical peels. Pairing the two, Dr. Heakyung Kim is seeing dramatic results. Ultra sound guides pinpoint injections all over the body that relaxes overly tight muscles.

“For me to cover more stiff muscles, I have to use more than one medications. So I start to use two medications, which allows me to cover more still muscles,” Dr. Kim said.

Two medicines typically used to beautify have been creating a different kind of beauty. Dina can put both feet flat on the ground and walk.

“It loosens her muscles. It makes her more comfortable. It allows her bones to grow without the muscles getting tight,” said Josh Frank, Dina’s father.

Dina’s parents said the unusual coupling of drugs has been life changing.

“As a parent, it’s just amazing to be able to see your daughter walk out onto the driveway and onto a school bus instead of having to be put in a wheelchair and having to be lifted onto the school bus is a life we couldn’t have even imagined a year ago,” Josh Frank said.

Dina will need injections twice a year and physical therapy as she continues to grow.

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