NEW YORK (WFAN) — Come on, Amar’e!

Amar’e Stoudemire summoned his inner Vince Wilfork on Wednesday night, when a display of unsportsmanlike conduct from the Knicks forward was caught on camera.

Late in the fourth quarter of New York’s season-ending Game 5 loss in Miami, Stoudemire lowered the boom on Shane Battier of the Heat for his sixth and final foul. Stoudemire, whistled out of the game, extended his hand toward Battier only to retract it at the last moment.


Battier had to hoist himself up off the floor, literally by the seat of Stoudemire’s pants.

“He puts his hand down like he wants to help him up and then takes it away,” TNT analyst Reggie Miller said on the replay. “What is up with that?”

The scene was reminiscent of Wilfork, who snubbed Justin Tuck’s extended hand after the coin toss in this year’s Super Bowl. Just like the champion Giants, the Heat had the last laugh in this one — and we’re not just talking about their series win.

As Stoudemire was walking off the court, Miami P.A. announcer Mike Baiamonte poked some fun at the All-Star and his now-infamous encounter with a glass fire extinguisher case.

“Offensive foul on the Knicks,” roared Baiamonte. “Amar’e Stoudemire. That’s his sixth. He has been extinguished from the game!”

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