NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Donald Trump has no problem speaking his mind, even when it comes to the Yankees.

“The Donald” blasted third baseman Alex Rodriguez — yes, again — in a pair of tweets Monday afternoon.

“The @Yankees should immediately stop paying A-Rod—he signed his contract without telling them he was a druggie,” Trump posted to Twitter in the Opening Day rip job.

The Miami New Times reported in January that A-Rod’s name appeared multiple times in the records of Biogenesis, the now-shuttered anti-aging clinic in Florida at the center of Major League Baseball’s performance-enhancing drugs probe. Rodriguez has denied the allegations, saying he has no relationship with clinic head Anthony Bosch.

A-Rod was on hand for the Yankees’ loss to the Red Sox on Monday, but declined to say much about the Biogenesis scandal.

The 37-year old is due $114 million over the final five years of his contract with New York. He’ll earn more in 2013 than the entire Astros roster combined — and he might not even play this season coming off hip surgery.

“A-Rod’s salary is more than the entire @astros. Half the players on @astros will have better seasons than him. A-Rod is a joke!” tweeted Trump.

It wasn’t the first time he’s targeted A-Rod on Twitter.

During the 2012 postseason, Trump called the slumping slugger “a $30M/yr rip off” and said he “should donate his contract to charity.”

Does Trump need to back off? Yankees fans, be heard in the comments!