NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Meet Najah Lorde, the Girl Scout cookie queen of Queens.

The 13-year-old sold 1,816 boxes of cookies to win the New York City crown for the second year in a row, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

“I did not go door to door,” Najah said. “I just sold to the people at my school, my church, my parents’ jobs and my family members.”

She demolished the competition last year, selling 2,833 boxes.

An an eighth-grader at Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy this year, however, she said she had less time to sell. She was busy applying to high schools.

“This year, I did something a little different,” she said. “My dad has a Facebook page, and so I put a picture of me and a little caption explaining what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And then I attached the Girl Scout cookie sheet.”

Donovan Lorde said his daughter never ceases to amaze him.

“I think she definitely has a future in business, and if she wants to pursue it, she would definitely be successful,” he said.

The Girl Scouts introduced a new online tool this year.

“With Digital Cookie, it wasn’t that much work,” Najah said. “I send them my link, they order it, and then they get it a couple of days later.”

She said finding people with an appetite for the cookies was not hard to do.

Her favorite flavor is the classic shortbread cookies.

“I just like being a Girl Scout because I get to work with my friends and work in the community and in the environment,” she said. “And it’s just really fun enjoyable.”

If all the talk of Girl Scout cookies have given you a craving, you will have to wait until November for the next cookie season.

As for Najah, she said she is going to continue her Girl Scout career into high school.

New York City Girl Scouts sold more than 1 million boxes this year.