NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — From congressman to confessed felon, Anthony Weiner’s fall from grace hit rock bottom on Friday.

In a surprise turn of events, Weiner admitted to a federal sex crime.

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported, his estranged wife Huma Abedin put even further distance between them.

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Weiner has not yet been sentenced for his crime, but has already started to lose any semblance of freedom. He was met by a crush of reporters on Friday, after pleading guilty to a felony charge of transferring obscene material.

Minutes earlier, Weiner tearfully admitted sexting with a girl he knew was just 15-years-old.

“I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse,” he told a judge. “I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.”

Among Weiner’s supporters in court was his brother Jason who tried dodging questions from a CBS2 producer.

“I have no comment,” he said.

Absent was his estranged wife, Hillary Clinton confidant Huma Abedin, who stood beside him through earlier scandals.

“I love him, and I have forgiven him,” she said in the past.

On Friday, Huma was in a different courthouse nearby, filing for divorce.

Weiner faces up to 10 years in prison, but under his plea deal is expected to get between 21 and 27 months. Upon his release he will have to register as a sex offender.

It’s unclear how much contact Weiner will be allowed to have with the couple’s son.

The divorce was filed as uncontested, meaning the couple doesn’t anticipate a legal fight.


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  1. Oh how the mighty have fallen……KARMA is a great thing!!

  2. Troy Dynes says:

    Keep in mind, Weiner has Clinton’s emails and insider information which he will use as a bargaining chip. Most likely, Weiner will be a victim of a “suicide”, similar to other Clinton associates.

  3. Kyle Silvey says:

    I ‘almost’ feel sorry for Anthony now. This was a planned move by Huma. As if the family court system wasn’t already biased against men. With this conviction, she’s going to get whatever she wants. Bye bye child custody. Bye bye money. Bye bye visitation. Bye bye career. Hello suicide attempt.

  4. Bob She says:

    Huma will be fine.
    She is going to stay busy writing her book, ‘Smell My Fingers…My Life With Hilary Clinton’

    1. You just made me spit my coffee all over the table.

    2. Rei BoChief says:

      “Huma will be fine.
      She is going to stay busy writing her book, ‘Smell My Fingers…My Life With Hilary Clinton'”

      Now that was a Classic. Most Excellent!

    3. Rick Snyder says:

      Oh. My. God. But yeah. LOL

  5. Tom Hunt says:

    Two very dysfunctional Democrats. This is an perfect example of why only crazy people want to be elected to public office.

  6. All Weiners go up and then come down.
    It’s not the meat it’s the motion, in prison he’ll get a feel for it.

  7. Vox Veritas says:

    Just think…if not for Anthony’s Weiner, Mrs. Stainmaker might have been President.

    Her Achilles heel?

    When the going gets tough, Hillary always turns to Hum a Weiner.

  8. Huma must not have been taking care of business at home. Too busy with Hildabeast.

  9. Weiner will never see a day of jail time. When you have a copy of 40,000 of the Clinton woman’s emails, you have the best Teflon coating available from modern science!

    1. You’re full of crap. He’ll get 24 months.

  10. Disgusting monsters, all of them. Liberalism is a toxic poison for which the only remedy is death.

  11. Jack Geetar says:

    CBS network ALL LIARS !!!

  12. Jack Geetar says:

    DemocRATS are all like wiener ! ALL OF THEM

  13. Jim Morrison says:

    Hillary and Huma should have been more careful choosing their Beard.

    1. Clod Hopper says:

      Hillary, Huma and the boRAT should have been more carefull in choosing their ‘beard’.
      MOOchelle was the First Bearded Lady of the United States.

  14. Susan Vue says:

    In the Muslim world shouldn’t she be beheaded?

  15. Nancy Anna says:

    I am distressed at the mean anti-semitic – anti muslim posts here – which have nothing to do with this tragedy. Seems like there is no hope for the haters to ever cross the aisle.

    1. Susan Vue says:

      Only 40,000 Hillary Clinton State emails were found on Carlos Dangers sexting laptop which he shared with the Muslim sandrat wife.

    2. Weiner and Huma will be reunited in HELL

  16. Nita Hiltner says:

    Why didn’t she divorce him long ago when he was having sex online next to her baby? Because she is as guilty as he is.

  17. Jim Morrison says:

    When will Huma’s male relatives attempt an honor killing for the shame and humiliation Weiner has brought onto the House of Abedin?

    1. Jocko James says:

      Most excellent,
      Now Weiner can testify against her when she goes to trial for her traitorous handling of Hillarys classified emails. Maybe they will make them cell mates.
      With her family’s terrorists connections, makes you wonder what she did with them after those emails got on her home computer.

    2. Susan Vue says:

      lets hope her Muslim family honor kills her by stoning her to death. The Muslim favorite “beheading” is to brutal for me to watch.

  18. Of course she waited to divorce him. This way she couldn’t be forced to testify. They are both peodofiles or peodofile pushers, along with the Clintons,the bushes,the obamas,the podestas and countless others that are soon to be exposed. You can’t hide.Your evil deeds will come to light.

  19. Bill Numeyer says:

    I have no sympathy for Huma. None. And I don’t believe she didn’t know he was a creep before she married him. That tells me that there ‘s something deeply wrong about her too. Weiner literally reeks of creep.

    1. Hao De says:

      did 2 bagger divorce “bj” when it diddled interns ?

  20. Hillary Clinton is a immoral, pathological liar….Yet half the people in America voted to elect her POTUS…Think we are a nation in decline?

    1. Only Democrats are in decline…and in denial……………………

  21. dogsrock2 says:

    What the heck took her so long.

    1. Huma waited until he plead in court so she could screw the Weiner in court one last time while she is cleaning Hillary’s carpet.

  22. There is a joke here, the Muslim and pedophile who shared classified emails from Hillary? But no worries, Trump colluded with Russia.

    1. Best defense is a good offense…The far left biased MSM will be trashing Trump until he leaves the White House…No matter WHAT he does! The far left democrat party has become the party of HATE…Think they would destroy America if that is what it takes to destroy Trump!

  23. Tony Ascaso says:

    Shame she does not go to jail too, oh thats right she is on the right side of the media and gets a free pass. Weiner is lucky he can now have her pay alimony and he does not have to look at her anymore. Maybe she can marry Hillary.

  24. Joe Boltonn says:

    It’s a shame these two crazy kids couldn’t make it work…

  25. David Grimes says:

    Finally, Carlos Danger’s Wife and Monica Lewinsky’s Boyfriend’s Wife can come out of the closet.

    You GO girls.

  26. I predict: Mea culpa, a little time, a book and a book tour, and a made-for-TV movie. Whatever AW is, he remains a Jew and a liberal. They take care of their own, especially when he has all that CLASSIFIED MATERIAL on his ‘puter…and, no telling how many copies he has make to secure his own well-being. Moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney…

  27. Of course she is divorcing him, he is no longer of any use to her if he was still politically viable she would of stayed by his side.

  28. I want me some Huma. Not too much, just a bit. Then, I’ll throw her back into the gutter. But, I just gotta try some of that, nomesaying?

  29. WG Wagner says:

    The Weiner only married Huma to get closer to the Clintons who he thought could help his political career. Now that he has NO political career he doesn’t need her. And she never needed him. Good riddance to both of them.

  30. How did Huma, a muslim, marry Weiner, a Jew? How come she wasn’t stoned to death?

    1. Because she “stayed” a Muslim after marriage.

  31. The closest advisor to a presidential candidate picked this guy to marry. That’s mindboggling really.

    1. Mindboggling….until you remember that these are liberals. They are demented and evil.

  32. She couldn’t be called to testify while she was still his wife which is why she waited until now.

  33. good, NOW WHERE IS HIS LAPTOP? The American people have a RIGHT to know if HUMA sent classified info to him on his laptop. We have a RIGHT to know if laws were broken, intentional or not. as soon as a FULL independent investigation into Hillary, Obama,Podesta, Jarrett and Huma is closed THEN and only THEN will I support looking at Trump.NO MORE ANONYMOUS SOURCES

  34. Steve Wilson says:

    Gotta be a reality TV show of Weiner in the slammer. Think shower time!

  35. I could never satisfy her after the weiner fest she has had, but she is hot….

  36. “The case had more far-reaching consequences, helping to upend Hillary Clinton‘s presidential bid.” LOL,, Just like Hillary, trying to blame someone else for her loss.

  37. Hey Huma,

    It appears Clock Boy is available.

  38. If Hillary lost because of him… shows how bad Hillary was.

  39. Pat Kinnick says:

    She’s a little slow on the draw…

  40. Troy Dynes says:

    Weiner is of no use to Abedin as he is no longer a congressperson. In addition, Huma and Hillary are no longer estranged.

    1. Are you saying that they are back to rubbing each other the right way? That they have rediscovered similar tastes? That they are again as close as two intimates can be? Or are you just being obtuse, TD?

      1. Judy Wilson says:

        Sounds like he’s saying Huma has given up wiener and is back with Hillary.

        1. She’s given up Weiner and gone back to CLAM!!

  41. LMJ313 says:

    A day late and a dollar short, tutz..

  42. Pffft… maybe it was the Russians.

  43. Don`t forget to return that laptop with classified info from Hillary Weiner.

  44. At least he doesn’t finger-paint love notes to demons with his gack, like John Podesta.

  45. JC Williams says:

    She’s as sick as he is….but will probably never be able to admit it…..i hope the coming investigations but you behind bars too Huma…20 to life…

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