NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Odell Beckham Jr. is a misunderstood “goofball,” his Giants teammate Dwayne Harris says.

In a video for CBS Local, Harris called Beckham a “phenomenal player” and said that, while the three-time Pro Bowler may like to clown around sometimes, no one should question his passion for football.

“He’s always one of those guys who’s a character, man,” said Harris, a wide receiver and kick returner. “I think he plays with a lot of passion just in the football sense. … A lot of people don’t sense that. Because they’re in the stands or watching it from TV, they see all the extra stuff that he does, but he loves the game of football, and you can see that every day.”

After going 11-5 last season and reaching the playoffs, the Giants open training camp July 28 with high expectations on them for this season.

Super Bowl maybe?

“We can be as good as we want to be,” Harris said. “We have all the players in the right positions. We have players who can make plays, offense and defense. We’ve just got to play as good as we look on paper.”

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Harris is best known for his return skills — for which he was selected to his first Pro Bowl last season.

So what makes a good return man?

“I look at a lot of returners,” Harris said. “I think one of the best returners in the NFL is Devin Hester. I model a little bit of my game after him, just being able to set up the returns for your blockers. And being fearless is one of the other things. You’ve got to be fearless back there. You’ve got guys coming down trying to take your head off.

“I don’t really fair-catch at all. So my guys know they’re going to have to block,” he added, laughing.

Harris also discussed his early days of playing football, his experience at the Pro Bowl and the best advice he ever received. Watch the video above.


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