1010 WINS- Say “happy birthday” to your new obsession! Lilly, a red kangaroo, was just the size of a jelly bean when she was first born and one year later, she has bounced up to the weight and length of a medium sized dog. Although, it has certainly not been an easy year for the adorable marsupial.

Lilly was born at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL. back in August of 2016 and spent her days in mother’s pouch — until one January morning when she was ejected from her sanctuary during a severe storm. After being found on the floor of the zoo’s kangaroo habitat, workers tried numerous times to reunite the mother and joey, to no avail. That’s when animal care staff took over to hand-raise Lilly themselves.

Lilly has decided a weekend nap is in order. #BrevardZoo

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After five months of bottle feeding and hopping lessons, Lilly was reunited with the rest of her kangaroo cohorts at the zoo late last month.

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Today, August 29th, the staff celebrated her birthday with an animal-friendly “cake” made from sweet potatoes, corn, lettuce, and spinach.

The not-for-profit Brevard Zoo in Florida is home to more than 800 animals from all over the world, leading in the fields of animal wellness, education, and conservation.

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-Joe Cingrana