1010 WINS– Can a wedding proposal be done anymore paw-fectly?!

When Curtis decided to propose to his girlfriend Nicole Simone, he chose to do so with the help of some of the dogs her non-profit organization Redemption Paws has rescued after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey — and some of Nicole’s closest friends, of course.

(Provided photo: Nicole Simone/Fox Photography)

Curtis, Nicole explains, drove down to Houston, TX with her friend and volunteer Denise from their hometown of Toronto, Canada after Hurricane Harvey hit, in order to help rescue displaced animals.

(Provided photo: Nicole Simone/Fox Photography)

“My fiancé, Curtis, drove down with my volunteers to Houston to pick up dogs in need of placement and brought them to Toronto to the rescue that I run,” Nicole told 1010 WINS.

(Provided photo: Nicole Simone/Fox Photography)

Curtis then came up with the idea to include their newfound friends when finally popping the big question to Nicole — who recognized the adorable animals immediately.

“My best friend had adopted Poppy (first from left); Rupert was a palliative dog from Houston and his foster mom came four hours to be there with him (he has cancer); Destiny a rescue dog was there with Denise and Malakai is one of my favorite pit bulls.”

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The stunning pictures above were captured by Fox Photography.

Redemption Paws are currently looking for forever homes for 42 dogs who were taken in post-Hurricane Harvey. If you would like to donate, support, or adopt — contact Redemption Paws on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their official website.

-Joe Cingrana


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