NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As the Yankees get ready to face the Astros in Houston in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series on Friday night, fans are doing whatever it takes to make sure their team wins.

The Yankees are now just one game away from punching their ticket to their first World Series since 2009.

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“Excited and nervous,” fan Julia Bachetti said. “Hopefully they win tonight, and we don’t have to worry about it all weekend.”

“I’m so excited I can’t hide it,” said fan Timothy Ward. “Let’s go Yankees, let’s go Yankees,”

Just to make sure the Yankees secure their date with destiny with the NL champion Los Angeles Dodgers in the Fall Classic, more than a few of the fans say they will be invoking superstitious fail-safes to bring the Yankees luck.

“You can’t miss a game,” said Andrew Hughes. “You’ve got to watch every game. And commercial breaks, anything, you’ve got to sit down, stay on your TV. You can’t leave the room.”

“I have my Puerto Rico Yankees pin,” said fan Marcus Ramirez. “So that’s my superstition right now.”

Yankee Hat

Yankee fans share their superstitions (credit: CBS2)

“During the course of the game, if something happens, like if I get up and they score a run, I’ll stay where I went,” said Jordan Scaccia.

Another fan said he has a special dance.

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“Yeah, you just Millie rock. Every time they win you, just Millie rock,” he said “Then you just put the dab on it.”

Bacchetti said she doesn’t want to jinx them.

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“Maybe not watch because I don’t want to bring them bad luck,” she said.

With the Yankees set to face Kate Upton’s fiancee and former Cy Young Award winner, Justin Verlander, who owned them in Game 2, the Bombers would undoubtedly welcome a little of that voodoo that you do.

“We all go in a circle … and then we all have our Yankees gear on, and we just pray that they win,” one man said.

It seems prayer is a biggy.

And then there’s Brad McLoughlin.

“What I do is I press my girlfriend’s belly button, and she calls it a ‘button,” he said. “Ever since I did that before every game, they’ve won.

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“Hey, we’re one win away from the World Series. So it’s got to be working somehow.”