NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York Yankees fans were on the edge of their seats Saturday as the Bronx Bombers faced off with the Houston Astros.

Unfortunately for them, the Yankees surprising post-season run ultimately came to a close with a 4-0 loss.


As CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported earlier in the night, fans were fired up and all eyes were on the flat screen TVs above the bar at Foley’s New York on West 33rd Street. The sports bar and museum of sorts is filled with Yankees memorabilia – from baseball bats and bobble-heads to headlines of glory days gone by.

“I’m a little nervous, I mean it’s Game 7 so anything can happen there. But at the same time, they’ve been doing pretty well. So I feel pretty good about it,” fan Chris Garofalo said.

“I’m nervous only because it’s an elimination game. But I love CC Sabathia in elimination games. He’s been dealing. Anytime he has to throw the team on his back, he’s carried us,” fan Desus Nice said. “I’ve just got full faith in us. We got this, we got this!”

Confident or not, Yankees fans hoped the young, overachieving team, nicknamed the “Baby Bombers,” can keep their magical post-season run alive.

“When you really look back to think we’d even get to this point, it’s a really good season,” said Garofalo. “But one win away, we got to find a way to win.”

“I’m going for Aaron Judge. He’s been doing real good,” fan Ivan Simons said.

The team had already won five elimination games this year, but none bigger than this with a trip to the World Series on the line.

“It ain’t over until it’s over, you know. It’s a little discouraging of course, but I think we’re going to come back, you know. We’re not going to give up, that’s for sure,” fan Mike Milnarik said.

“I’m just hoping it’s like a chapter in the story, which we’re down and out, somehow we miraculously come back and win the whole thing,” said fan Andrew Salmon.

“I’m like about to cry, about to get upset. So I really wish that the Astros make a lot of mistakes and the Yankees will have an amazing comeback,” fan Oscar Garcia added.

The Yankees have won a record 27 World Series championships but the last one was eight years ago, and fans were eager to taste the ultimate victory once again against the Los Angeles Dodgers — the team that once moved from Brooklyn to the West Coast.

“What I really just care about is New York beating LA,” fan Lauren Stempel said. “I really care to hate LA more than I love the Yankees.” 

Meanwhile in Houston, CBS2’s Meg Baker met some Bombers fans who made the trip south for the do-or-die game.

Dan Pragle, of Rochester, bought a ticket Friday night and flew down.

“I’m ready for this,” he said. “This is what we have been waiting for all year.”

The McMenamin brothers hailed from Bedford.

“It’s not easy being a slightly stocky red head Jets fan in the world, so Yankees are everything to me,” one of the brothers said.

“I got to kind of see the beginning of that ’96 team that had that incredible run, then that unbelievable ’98,” his brother, Joe, added.

Danny Weisenberg, from Long Beach, said wherever the Yankees go, he goes.

“It’s what I live for,” he said.

He was at the game Friday night and already had his bags packed for Los Angeles.

“I’m going to party all night if the Yankees win,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Baker got a taste of New York at Kenny and Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen. Ziggy Gruber grew up on the Lower East Side.

“We’ve got nova, which we hand slice. So we bring that in from Brooklyn actually. We’ve got pastrami, which we make here on premises – look how gorgeous,” he said.

He may be a Texan now, but there’s no denying that accent.

“Of course I am a Yankees fan. I mean, the reality is I grew up in New York, and we used to go see the Yankees games all the time, and we liked it,” he said. “I’m a little torn, because, naturally I’ve been here for 18 years now, I root for them.”

Jeff Briggs is another Texan Yankees fan who was downtown resting up for one last battle in the Lone Star State.

“We’ve gone to New York this year. Second time in Houston. We’ve been traveling more recently,” he said.