WCBS 880's 50th Anniversary Takes A Look Back

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – This week in the WCBS Back Stories, we look back on Superstorm Sandy.

Meteorologist Todd Glickman says by October 23, the storm’s path was pretty well predicted.

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“I remember saying to a friend that it was stunning how much agreement had to develop – not only between the models, but also as time started to progress,” he says. “As we got to about three days in advance, we really had a very high confidence that Sandy would be a very destructive storm.”

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He remembers getting an email from meteorologist Craig Allen that read, “Be ready for additional work. I will likely evacuate my house this time or else die in the bay. I’m dead serious. Never before seen such a threat.”

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Allen did eventually have to evacuate.

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“So there I was back on the air Monday at 5:58 p.m., went all the way through midnight,” Glickman says. “This really unique situation was a once-in-a-career experience. It’s something we think about a lot, and I never thought that it would occur during my career.”