NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Eight people are dead and a dozen are hurt after police say a madman driver turned onto a bike path near the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan and started plowing into pedestrians Tuesday afternoon.

If not for the actions of a quick-thinking five-year veteran of the NYPD, the death toll could have been even higher.

It all started at 3:05 p.m. when a rented Home Depot truck entered the bike path at Houston Street along the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan, police said.

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The truck rammed several people on the path from behind and ultimately crashed into a school bus at Chambers Street.

A man came out of the truck after striking the school bus wielding what appeared to be two weapons. The weapons turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun, NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill said in a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

LOWER MANHATTAN TERRORPhotos | Witnesses Describe Carnage | Videos

Witnesses told the NYPD the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov — an Uzbek national from Tampa, Florida — shouted “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great” in Arabic when he jumped out of the truck.

Sources say that’s when 1st Precinct Officer Ryan Nash shot Saipov one time in the abdomen. The suspect was rushed to NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue where he’s currently undergoing questioning.

Officer Nash, a native of Medford, Long Island, was also taken to Bellevue for ringing in his ears. He was otherwise unhurt.

Police sources say Nash joined the department in July 2012 and is a very active cop with more than 50 arrests to his record.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether or not he had been released from Bellevue.

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  1. Greg Hawkins says:

    First Democrats blame guns, now they blame rental trucks. When will they blame immigration?

  2. If New Yorkers were able to carry a weapon like here in Colorado. This piece of garbage could have been stopped much sooner. But powerful liberals won’t allow that, they only want criminals and terrorists to be able to carry a weapon…

    1. Exactly. Here in Texas he would have been shot full of holes so fast his head would spin. I Don’t own a gun, but I love knowing that if a bad guy gets me, about 50 Texans will get the bad guy, and probably before he gets anyone else.

  3. Herb Rapoza says:

    It’s obvious that we need to have background checks on anyone that tries to rent a truck. Perhaps a 10 day waiting period is also in order.

  4. nobama666 says:

    The only thing that stopped this guy was that he ran into a school bus.

  5. Vox Veritas says:

    “Witnesses told the NYPD the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov — an Uzbek national from Tampa, Florida — shouted “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great” in Arabic when he jumped out of the truck.”


    He shouted that “Allah”, the false deity of Islamist terrorists, is great.

  6. “If not for the actions of a quick-thinking five-year veteran of the NYPD, the death toll could have been even higher.”

    Since we are quick to blame guns rather than the criminal when criminals (who don’t obey gun laws) misuse guns, shouldn’t we be crediting the gun rather than the police officer in this case for saving lives?

  7. “If not for the actions of a quick-thinking five-year veteran of the NYPD, the death toll could have been even higher.”

    Hence the need for restoration to all law-abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms.
    It’s obvious that the police can’t be everywhere.

  8. David Moore says:

    Ha! Officer Nash sure has a “baby face”… Good thing he shoots like a man! Better yet that he didn’t kill the A-rab pig! Good job, Officer Nash!!!

  9. Thank you Ryan Nash…Blue LIves Save

    1. Thomas Ford says:

      Good work on the policeman but if he ends up getting retirement because of ringing in his ears from this one sided gunfight I’ll change my mind…….

  10. ayngemac says:

    Too bad he didn’t put one in his head.

  11. A Good tough Long Island boy…Thank you officer Nash!!

  12. Scott Gunn says:

    Kind of wish he would have kept shooting him, but given it was a busy street, the officer did right and a fine job.

  13. The feds interviewed him in 2015. My guess is for a prospective invitation to the White House.

  14. Why didn’t that NYPD hero put a bullet in that stinking Muzzy’s head and be done with it?

    1. John Miles says:

      That’s what I would love to know, just end the creep. Now millions will be spent keeping the creep alive for the rest of his life, maybe 70 years .

  15. One shot to the abdomen? Well, I guess that is close to center mass and the officer should be commended. He, and the rest of the crowd had no idea the guns the radical islamist terrorist was carrying were not real firearms. Still, it is too bad the radical islamic terrorist lived through the shooting. I don’t think he would have survived a shootout in France or Italy.

  16. The title of this article reads like something straight out of Pravda circa 1980. You got to love a government that invites jihadists into our country, denies the citizens their God given right to self-defense and than pats itself on the back for saving us mere mortals from their dysfunction.

    1. Harry Seldon says:

      Almost like they want to control us in this manner…

  17. It must have been VERY hard to write this entire article and avoid using terror, terrorist, Radical Islam, Muslim terrorist, Islamic terrorist, etc. and focus on the term madman. Typical.

  18. Richard Frey says:

    Good Start Officer Nash….One more in the belly and the last one in the forehead….remember that next time…….

    1. The guy had the fake guns cuz he wanted death by cop. Luckily this POS lived, so hopefully he will be placed in Gen Pop in the nastiest prison in the US. No amount of “virgins in paradise” will make up for 10 minutes with Bubba in the bathroom.

  19. Sounds like a bus was the real hero. That is what stopped him.

  20. Want to keep your family alive? Keep Islam out of America.

  21. Can O'Korn says:

    Exactly how was he going to kill anyone else with a pellet gun?

    1. The Islamisthug also had a knife and was in a religious frenzy….

  22. Would not these homicidal screwballs be happier in the old country living in the sort of society that they want? WHY do we have them HERE!?!

    1. Roger Dowd says:

      We welcome… uh… diversity! Yeah. That’s it! Everyone’s culture should be respected… except our own. They flee from the rat holes they were spawned in because everyone back home is just like them. But, we need to let them reform our social mores and civil laws because… well… just because. We’re racists and xenophobes. Shame on us. /sarcasm

    2. A long time ago in Germany, there were people who were murdered because of their religion so we have to be careful of not being like the Nazis and have people killed because of their religion.
      But we could keep them out of the country through Customs etc.
      The USA should be harder to get into ..

  23. Chris Appel says:

    Liberal democrat lawyers, lining up to sue the NYPD for a vicious racist assult on the poor Islamo.

  24. Al Bore says:

    Police should investigate if this guy may be related to the killings in Tampa, Florida over the last month. He kinda looks like the guy they had on video footage.

  25. Jim Williams says:

    Do you still think, “Cops are bad.” “Guns are bad.” They are both there to help keep you safe.

  26. The war cry quoted does NOT mean ‘God is great,’ it means ‘allah is greater.’

    Now you can all check your Bibles to see who sought to be greater than God…

  27. NO, its much simpler than that: a man with a gun prevents even more terrorist murders. Imagine how much sooner he would have been taken down if the bus driver had been armed and knew what to do. These terrorist target weakness. When you are unarmed, you are at your most vulnerable. We are only as safe as our weakest links.

  28. Da Takuan says:

    Wonder when the liberals will want us to believe it’s homphobic, white , nra, racists ignorant males who are behind this. If government fails in its essential task , to protect the country then it merely is a vehicle for foolishness.

  29. These attacks would be just a little bit more bearable and productive for America if every victim of these attacks were one of the democrats/progressives/liberals who promote, insist on and are responsible for these evil creatures being able to continue entering this country. The low level, liberal judges that continually throw roadblocks in front of president Trumps constitutional right to control who immigrates into this country would be a wonderful place for them to start.

    1. Brian Barton says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately for you, five of the victims were visiting tourists celebrating graduating from high school 30 years ago together. Please do not wish bad things to happen to other human beings. Kind of tacky.

      1. I think Lee’s frustration with the left leaning government and courts is well founded. No bubble just years of abuse by our liberal friends who think of themselves as elites and omniscient. I can’t imagine the losses of those innocents attacked by this Obama implant. Interviewed by Creepy Comey’s FBI and turned loose on society. Good arab, nice arab. No matter how nice you are to a rattlesnake it will still bite you given the chance. maybe it is time to do some active protection. Start by eliminating the judges opposed to Trump. A small thing to be sure and maybe not even effective but it is the right thing to do.

  30. Thank you Officer Ryan Nash ! For your quick thinking and action. And @ roughman998…dude ever had a perforated eardrum??? You’d be crying for momma and begging to go to the ER. Lighten up.

  31. Wait a minute. How come someone from BLM or Colin Kaepernick wasn’t there to stop this terrorist? They are always telling how bad the police the are.

    1. Well, he’s at best a benevolently lousy shot. 9 bullets and only one of them hit the suspect! Where did the other 8 bullets go? No word on whether any of the casualties was hit by gunfire (which obviously weren’t fired from a paintball gun) instead of by a truck.

  32. Keep the subhumans out of the US, hunt them down, then feed them to pigs alive until they are exterminated.

  33. Only one way to stop a man with a gun/rental truck. A good man with a gun.

  34. Kathy Arbing says:

    they should hang him by his eye lids with fishing hooks and kick him in the nuts until he blinks. To bad the officer didn’t put one in his head.

  35. roughman998 says:

    Not to detract from the officer’s bravery; but taken to the hospital for “ringing in his ears?” What?

    1. Roughman, you are detracting. Shutup.

  36. Norina Lundy says:

    Yea! It is said that the response of the NYPD was unprecedented. We definitely have the best police force in the nation. Congratulations!

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