1010 WINS-After being rescued by officials at the U.S./Mexico border back in August, this three-month-old endangered Bengal tiger cub is now doing great at his new home at the San Diego Zoo.

A four-month-old critically endangered Sumatran tiger is his new adopted sibling, who traveled from Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian National Zoo to California to be his playmate – the duo plays together and both act just like brothers, according to the zoo.

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Believing that it’s best to raise cubs in pairs, animal experts brought them together because the Sumatran tiger cub was rejected by its mother. The baby Bengal tiger was found stashed on the floor of a vehicle at the border during an inspection.

(San Diego Zoo)

Both cubs are being hand-raised in the nursery at the Safari Park’s Ione and Paul Harter Animal Care Center and recently made their big debut as part of the Tull Family Tiger Trail at the nature park.

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Watch the video below of this feisty pair getting to know their new surroundings for the very first time. As you can see, the abused Bengal tiger has more difficulty getting accustomed to life outside his cage than his older brother, who took no time at all stepping out of his crate. And although both cubs weigh 25 pounds each, as they continue to grow, the shy Bengal tiger could eventually outweigh the Sumatran by 200 pounds.

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-Joe Cingrana