1010 WINS-Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankoye of Los Angeles based animal rescue group Hope For Paws recently had quite the scare while attempting to save an obviously distressed animal, later named “Gershwin,” from a truck stop in California.

The 110-pound dog appeared to be abandoned and survived for two months in extremely hot temperatures without regular access to food or water. After the duo spent hours in 107-degree heat trying to gain his trust, the dog was eventually rescued and is awaiting a forever home.

In a video posted by the group on YouTube, we see Eldad and Loreta attempting to sweet-talk the nervous pup who seems to not only be afraid of his surroundings but also men in general. After escaping their first attempt and some tracking down, Gershwin was eventually found again on a grassy patch on the far side of the parking lot.

Loreta again attempted to make friends with the dog by offering treats and adopting a submissive stance, allowing her to get close enough to loop a snare-pull around his neck. That’s when things took a scary turn. As soon as the leash secure, Gershwin bolted taking Loreta with him.

(YouTube/Hope For Paws)

As the video footage cuts to Eldad running to Loreta’s aid, she was being dragged on the ground “like a rag doll” according to the video. Loreta told 1010 WINS that she had quite a hard time controlling the dog, leaving her with blisters from the snare-pull, and her legs cut up from rocks hidden in the grass.

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“The entire process took about two hours from start to finish,” Loreta says about her harrowing experience with Gershwin, the largest dog the group has ever encountered. After being contacted by a good Samaritan who waited patiently with the dog, Hope For Paws made the drive from Los Angeles to Tejon, CA in order to take the now stray dog off the streets and into a shelter.

Although Gershwin was the largest canine the group has ever had to approach for rescue, and turned out to be quite the plow-pulling working dog,  Loreta says she would do it all over again in defense of animals.

“We’ve rescued pit bulls who were easier to handle because they were not running away,” Loreta says of Gershwin’s strength. But no matter the size of their target, Loreta says they “always go into a rescue with the positive attitude of ‘we will rescue this dog.'”

“I was bitten two days ago,” Loreta admits about another rescue she has been involved with since the ‘Gershwin Incident.’ “I knew it was going to happen, but it was the only way to get the dog who was incredibly injured. I had no other choice but to grab him, and he bit my arm and fingers.”

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Loreta’s wish at the end of the day is for people to get educated and be more responsible when considering getting a pet.

“It’s a big commitment, fifteen to twenty years for a dog,” Loreta explains. “There’s vet care, just like care for a child. Dogs deserve a good life, not to be thrown out. Please, find a rescue if you are unable to care for your animals.

“We clean up peoples messes a lot, and each abandoned animal rescue feels like it takes five years off of my life. People need to experience this to know what we do.”

For more information and to donate to Hope For Paws, visit their website now. If you would like to adopt Gershwin, please contact LAAnimalRescue.org.

-Joe Cingrana


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