MILLBURN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A New Jersey family was ambushed in front of their home, targeted for their Range Rovers.

Police said the family had just returned from a Thanksgiving vacation when thieves attacked them and drove off in one of their sport-utility vehicles.

It happened on a residential street in Short Hills where the family had just gotten home from Newark Airport after a long weekend. They returned to unwanted visitors who grabbed their 13-year-old child threatening her life.

The girl had just been released when Millburn Police surrounded the family’s home. The family of four was held up by two gunmen demanding cash and keys to the family’s two Range Rovers.

“We were on vacation, short Thanksgiving trip,” the mother of the family said.

It all happened in a flash after that.

“It was around 1:30, we were unloading the car,” she said.

The mother and one of the sisters of the family went right inside. The father was carrying a large bag with his 13-year-old daughter trailing behind. She was grabbed by one of the suspects who threatened to kill her, and pinned her up against one of the Range Rovers as ransom.

“They got out of the vehicle, approached us, my dad gave them what they needed and took off with the car,” the older sister said.

She described a tense situation.

“We were shocked, but what are you supposed to do. Aren’t going to panic, the best thing we could do is appease them until we had my sister. They left, got what they wanted, its out of our hands now,” she said.

She said the men also forcefully took her sister’s backpack full of toys.

Cops said one vehicle was taken and eventually recovered in Newark using a GPS app. The other was left behind when the thieves couldn’t get it started.

The father spoke to CBS2 off camera, and explained that they left one of their cars outside of the home’s gate to make it look like there was someone home while they were away.

He believes the family arrived while the men were attempting to break into the car.

The family has several security cameras, but said the system was not turned on.

The carjacking comes several years after a fatal carjacking at the nearby Short Hills Mall in 2013.



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  1. New jersey is one of those states that makes it impossible to own a gun for self protection, if the victims voted democrat then they got what they voted for, armed criminals.

  2. Joe App says:

    Since CBS is unwilling to provide a description of the suspects, let’s see if we can figure out who perpetrated this dastardly deed.:

    – Heartless, inhuman predators who threatened a 13-year-old child with a gun.
    – Wearing hoodies.
    – Stolen vehicle later found abandoned in Newark.

    I got it! It was clearly the Amish.

  3. I would like to help look for these criminals. Can we please have the descriptions? Why on earth would you withhold that critical information?

  4. I gots to steal my babies’ Christmas!

  5. Donald Katty says:

    I’m sure we all know what they looked like.

  6. Doug Day says:

    There are certain types of H sapiens you don’t want to be around…ever.

  7. Describing the criminals would lead to unfair profiling.

  8. tngilmer says:

    Recovered in Newark? Want to guess what the thugs look like?

  9. Mike Tor says:

    And the description of the perps, please? Oh, that would be helpful, so forget it. Let us not go there..

  10. You’re doing your readers/viewers a grave disservice by not providing descriptions of the perpetrators. How are innocent people supposed to know what type of people to be wary of?

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