1010 WINS– When Jake Luterman’s class at the University of Maryland College Park got canceled he decided coming home a day early would be a fantastic surprise for his family.


The first year student gave his grandparents, Shelly & Les Mandell of West Hills, California, an unforgettable shock. And it’s easy to see his grandmother loved every minute of it!

Jake’s mom Marlene, who filmed the surprise, says her son is very close with both of his grandparents and they adore him just the same.

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“He was supposed to fly in on Wednesday for Thanksgiving”, Marlene tells 1010 WINS. “Everyone knew that but his Tuesday class got canceled so I changed his flight to a day earlier and didn’t tell anyone.”

When Marlene changed his flight, she had no idea this would be her parents’ reaction, but we’re glad she got the amazing reunion on camera.

Watch the full reaction video below.

-Joe Cingrana


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