1010 WINS– 2017 was an eventful year, especially at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo!

Some pretty incredible animals made their big debut this year, from a trio of tiny chameleons to a charming baby giraffe, and a pair of adorable endangered black rhino calves!

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The Top Ten List:

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10. Trio of Mountain Chameleons
9. Rare Giraffe Calf
8. Montseny Newts
7. Painted Dogs
6. Dik-dik (small Antelope)
5. Bermudian Skinks
4. Endangered Javan Green Magpies
3. Asian Elephant Calf
2. Andean Bear Cub
1. Endangered Black Rhino Calves

We can’t wait to see what animals the zoo gets to welcome next year!

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-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana