1010 WINS– These deer are loving their first snow day! White-lipped deer at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park got an exciting treat when the zoo gave them their first-ever experience in the snow. And clearly, they loved it.

Many couldn’t help but roll around in the glistening white powder and some of the animals even tried eating it.

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They’re such experts in the snow, they might just be promoted to Santa’s reindeer!

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Speaking of Santa’s helpers, the zoo’s reindeer also received a cool surprise last week (12/20), when 16 tons of powder was blown into their exhibit as part of a special enrichment activity for the animals. Enrichment is significant, the zoo says, because it keeps them stimulated and active, allowing the animals to use their natural behaviors.

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“Our reindeer are really enjoying the snow,” said Tammy Batson, lead keeper at the zoo. “Two-year-old Rodney especially seemed to enjoy the surprise, as he began prancing, running, jumping, pawing and eating the icy treat—while the two female reindeer rubbed their noses in the cold powder and dug with their hooves.”

All of this wintery goodness was provided by generous donors who contribute to the zoo’s online Animal Care Wish List — in essence an online gift registry for animals at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park which is updated monthly.

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-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana