1010 WINS– “Dear Ms. Millie Wall, we would like to invite you, one of our biggest fans, to attend our playoff game on Sunday, January 14th!”

This was one surprise Minnesota Vikings lifelong super-fan Millie Wall was never expecting!

Millie, who will turn 100-years-old this year, was invited by her favorite NFL team to celebrate in style — by personally welcoming her to watch their playoff game!

Millie’s granddaughter, Ashley Wall, captured the surprise on video as Millie read aloud a letter from the team, which was shared on social media by the Vikings.

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“We know you will bring us luck,” the letter says, “as we enter into this playoff run and hope to bring it home. Thank you for the many years of supporting and cheering on our team and making us part of your life.”

As the Vikings put it, “You’re never too old to attend your first Vikings playoff game.” And with a good luck charm like Millie, we’re certain the NFC championships are within sight!

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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