1010 WINS– Rainn Wilson is open to the idea of “The Office” reboot.

Back in May of 2013, at the end of the road for the hit NBC mockumentary sitcom ‘The Office,’ Wilson (Dwight Schrute) told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he felt the series was probably the “high point” of his career and “the most awesome thing [he’d] ever be involved with.”

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Now, with talk of a reunion on the horizon (without Steve Carell as Michael Scott, but a mix of old and new characters) some of the show’s leads have been speaking out about their interest.

Angela Kinsey told US Weekly back in October that she would love to revive her judgmental, cat loving character Angela Martin and Jenna Fischer told 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn in November that she doesn’t think the cast “would ever be able to do it as a series, like the way that ‘Will & Grace’ is,” but feels like “there’s an opportunity for a special miniseries or something.”

Today, Rainn Wilson doubled down, telling 1010 WINS he would be on board as well.

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“I’m up for it if the timing is right, and the schedule is right and it’s a funny idea,” says Wilson. “I don’t want to just keep doing more office episodes so it would have to be something really cool,” Wilson explains.

For now, Wilson isn’t so sure the reboot will happen, since he hasn’t heard from anyone regarding the idea — yet.

“I haven’t heard anything about it,” admits Wilson. “No one has called me… I don’t think it’s going to happen — or if it did happen I think it would be years from now.”

While you sweat out this reunion idea, take a look at Dwight and Angela’s “mini-Office reunion” on Conan.

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-Joe Cingrana