1010 WINS– This ‘whisper challenge’ turned baby reveal was too much for this grandmother-to-be!

Ryan Harvey and his wife Carly are expecting their first child and wanted to tell his mother Karen in a fun way — so they tried the whisper challenge — and judging by her incredible reaction, we’d say she’s more than ready for the bundle of joy.

While it may have taken Karen a while to hear the exciting news, when she finally did, she couldn’t believe it!

“Having my mom react to the news was part of the plan,” Ryan tells 1010 WINS, “but definitely not to the extent you see in the video.”

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After recently traveling with her to New Orleans and South Carolina and filming a few vlogs and a drone video along the way, Ryan knew Karen would be willing to help film a challenge video for his YouTube channel without any questions why.

“Knowing that this news made her day, is a memory I will never forget. I’m glad I have a video to reminisce.”

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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