NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Next week is winter break for thousands of school kids. Some of them will head to week-long camps to do activities they love.

Some worry that could increase their exposure to the flu, and wonder how to keep their kids safe while allowing them to still have fun.

Maya Bernstein was enjoying a day of rock climbing with her three children.

Right now, they’re the only minors doing it, but next week the ‘Rock Club at Pine Brook fitness in New Rochelle will be filled with kids climbing and playing tennis as they participate in winter break camps.

Socializing with new kids could bring new exposure to the flu, but Bernstein said she’s taught her kids well and she hopes other parents have too.

“I was my hands a lot, I got the flu shot,” her daughter said.

“You gotta vaccinate your kids. You gotta make sure that if your kid is not feeling well you keep that kid home and I have to trust that other parents are going to make that smart decision so that all kids can benefit,” Bernstein said.

The camp at Pine Brook was cracking down on the rule to keep kids healthy.

“The holds are washed in a professional hold washing machine,” Valerie Ferrara said, “Our on site cleaning staff is doing regular cleaning of all of the surfaces, doorknobs, phones, things the public is touching. All of the staff is making sure our own spaces are clean and practicing healthy habits with our kids.”

Doctors say there’s no such thing as too cautious when it comes to kids and the flu.

“It takes three to five days for the virus to incubate before you actually have symptoms so you can have a well child that comes to camp, and then gets sick, and he or she can spread the virus,” Dr. Glatter said.

Dr. Glatter is an emergency room physician at Lenox Hill Hospital. He has a few tips for children.

“I always try to remind them to keep their hands away from their face,” he said, “When you wash your hands you’ve got to fo it for at least 15 to 20 seconds. If you’re going to sneeze it’s always best to do it into the crook of your elbow, and I think masks are something that can be considered.”

It’s important to make sure your kids know that if they start to feel sick they need to tell someone. It could cut their fun short if they’re at a winter break camp, but it could also save someone’s life.