HARRINGTON PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The warm weather Sunday certainly made the snow cleanup easier for most people.

But as CBS2’s Reena Roy reported, the rising temperatures certainly did not help one family in Harrington Park, New Jersey, who had a tree come crashing into their home.

No one was inside when the massive tree came plummeting down. But branches shattered a window in the incident, which police said happened during the storm Saturday night.

As snow hit parts of New jersey hard, many people were forced to deal with the aftermath with shovels in tow Sunday morning.

“It’s tough. This whole winter’s been tough,” said Chuck Ragazzo of Allendale. “We’ve been out for a while trying to push through it.”

The plows were also out in force, as people in Allendale beat the snow to the punch.

“We started around midnight when it was pretty heavy early on,” said Jack Pardo. “You don’t want to let it build up too much.”

Ragazzo got a head start on the dig out on Myrtle Avenue.

“Get it done as fast as you can and go home,” he said. “That’s it, get it done! “Bye bye, snow! See ya later!”

But because of the big meltdown throughout the day, the snow quickly became wet and slushy – making it difficult to clean up.

“It’s not really helped too much, because it’s really heavy right now,” a man said.

Others took the time to enjoy the snow before it was all gone.

“It’s really a good day to build snowmen and have snow fights,” one girl said.

“I’m feeling good — it’s very fun,” another said.

Even the pups had their share of fun. Nick David’s dog, Hudson, woke his owner up early to come out and play.

“I think he was a little excited because it was snowing,” David said. “He was waiting for it overnight.”

CBS2’s Elise Finch reported the snow Saturday totaled 9.2 inches in Randolph, New Jersey; 8.4 inches in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey; 8.3 inches in Washington, New Jersey; 7.5 inches in New City, New York; 7.3 inches in Cedar Grove, New Jersey; and 7 inches in Armonk, New York.