NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Even though businesses may have been closed Wednesday, the storm doesn’t mean the city hibernates.

For tourists visiting New York City, it becomes their personal winter wonderland.

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For some, snow days mean increased responsibilities. But while we’re hunkered down, we may miss something.

A normally bustling Central Park became a private playground for students from the Sunshine State, who indulged in their first-ever snowball fight.

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“Is this seriously the first snowball fight you’ve had?” asked CBS2’s Steve Overmyer. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, first time seeing snow,” one of the students said.

“These kids have never seen snow before, so just watching them is really cool,” said Dennis Line of Oviedo, Florida.

“Yeah, watching how excited they are is really cute,” said one of their chaperones.

“It’s softer than I expected it to be. A lot of people told me not to anticipate a perfect winter wonderland, but here in Central Park that’s exactily what it is right now,” said Natalya Rodriguez of Oviedo, Florida.

Band members from the Oviedo High School in Orlando, Florida are in spring break.

“We’ll never get this,” one student said. “When it snows in Orlando it never makes it to the ground, so yeah, this is cool.”

The 150-year-old arcade at Bethesda Terrace proided relief from conditions the students had never seen – and an impromptu dance.

“This is play time in Central Park in a snow storm. That’s a pretty good recess,” said Overmyer.

“Yes, definitely,” one student said. “It’s like a first time, it’s so much fun. It’s cold!”

The group of 80 students and 15 chaperones planned on visiting landmarks today, but with the weather, they were hoping instead to score some standby tickets to “Hamilton” on Broadway.