NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Tony Award-winning Actress whose daughter was hit and killed by a driver in Park Slope in March experienced yet another round of heartbreak.

Ruthie Ann Miles was pregnant when police say Dorothy Bruns struck and killed Miles’ four-year-old daughter, Abigail, and 1-year-old Joshua Lew as they crossed an intersection with their mothers.

Miles’ attorney confirmed Wednesday night that she lost the baby on Friday.

Her daughter was named Sophia Rosemary Wong Blumenstein, according to lawyer Ben Rubinowitz.

“The pain suffered by Ruthie and Jonathan is nearly impossible to fathom,” Rubinowitz said in a statement sent to CBS2. “They are overwhelmed by the sadness of the deaths of their children.”

Bruns has been charged with manslaughter, and told investigators she has multiple sclerosis and had a seizure before running the red light on March 5.

  1. If Ms. Bruns has Multiple Sclerosis and suffers from seizures?, what the hell is she doing behind the wheel of a car. She should have had someone else drive her car, or have them drive their car to get her where she needed to go, and avoid this tragedy that she caused. My God, how horrible for this woman and her husband, I can’t believe it. Also to add injury, Mrs. Miles now has lost her other child in this tragedy. Throw the book at this woman Ms. Bruns, and never let her drive another vehicle again, and make sure she doesn’t ever be behind anyone else’s car, including hers. My condolences go out to Mrs. Mles and her Family, and her husbands Family. I will pray for you. God Bless.

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