Victim: Prior To Attack, Assailant Said To Her 'Try Me. You Don't Know Who I Am, The Things I'll Do To You'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A woman is fearing for her safety following a vicious attack on the subway.

The victim said it all started over a seat. She spoke exclusively about her ordeal to CBS2’s Scott Rapoport on Monday.

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“I just fell to the ground and she was just punching me repeatedly,” the victim said.

The woman on the left says the woman sitting next to her savagely beat her on a No. 1 subway train in the Bronx over a seat. (Photo: CBS2)

Too frightened to give her name, the 26-year-old woman discussed the most terrifying moment of her life. She said she was savagely beaten on the subway by another woman, simply for sitting too close to her.

“It took 10 people to get her off of me,” the victim said.

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The incident happened back on Aug. 1 just before 6 p.m. on a northbound No. 1 train at the 225th Street station in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx.

The victim said she sat down on the train next to the woman and that the woman became annoyed and started nudging and bumping into her. The victim said she tried to ignore it, but held her ground.

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“That’s when she started cursing at me. She was like, ‘Try me. You don’t know who I am, the things I’ll do to you,'” the victim said.

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Admittedly nervous, the victim said she got up from her seat to move to another one, and that’s when she said the woman came up from behind her, pulled her by the hair and slammed her to the ground.

“And she just punched me the entire time,” she said. “People say I took at least six to eight hits to the head.”

The victim said she curled up in a fetal position to protect herself, as other riders pulled the woman off her. Police said the suspect got off the train and fled the station. Fellow passengers snapped photos as she left the scene.

The victim was left with a mild concussion. She told CBS2’s Rapoport she is now nervous to ride the subway again, worried she might run in to her attacker.

And all this, she asks, for what?

“Just the fact that it was over a seat,” she said. “I didn’t even even engage with her, and she just attacked me.”

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Police said that woman is still at large.