NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) – Police are following up on the New Jersey couple accused of spending the $400,000 they raised for a homeless Good Samaritan who lent them his last $20.

Police executed a search warrant at Mark D’Amico and Katelyn McClure’s home in Florence, N.J.

Police also seized a BMW from the couple’s property.

Investigators suspect D’Amico and McClure squandered the donations for homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt on vacations and shopping sprees.

The couple said there was no money left in a GoFundMe account they set up after Bobbitt helped to buy gasoline after McClure got stranded in Philadelphia, according to the homeless man’s attorney.

GoFundMe said Bobbitt will receive the full amount raised no matter what charges the couple could face.

No charges have been filed against the couple.

  1. Marinus Schunck says:

    how long before you give a addict $400,000 all at once with no stipulations do they overdose and kill themselves like the Pennsylvania woman who won a $1 Million and made the news not so much cause she won but cause she won and was still collecting food stamps after and got found out . well her EBT card was no longer funded and less than 2 months later she overdosed and died.

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