RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Another high school sexting scandal is rocking a New Jersey community and has school officials urging parents to check their children’s phones.

The superintendent of Ridgewood public schools says local police are investigating “possible sexting incidents” involving school-age students within the district.

According to a release sent to parents of children in grades 6-12, the explicit images were not shared on school property but school officials are working with Ridgewood police to find out who was involved.

“I want all parents to be advised that the possession and/or transmission of sexually revealing or explicit images, or any material of that nature, constitutes the very serious crime of possession and transmission of child pornography,” Superintendent Daniel Fishbein said in the letter.

While Fishbein said schools in Ridgewood have been teaching students the proper uses for social media, he urged parents and guardians to take an active role in monitoring their children’s phone use.

Ridgewood’s school district has been plagued with incidents involving social media misuse over the years.

In 2017, two teenage boys at Ridgewood High School were charged following a brutal fight that left one hospitalized.

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The boys, ages 14 and 16, were charged with assault in an incident that was videotaped by students who stood by and watched the fight last October.

Another sexting scandal was reported in 2013 which involved nude photos being shared among several Ridgewood High School students using a Snapchat app.

Ridgewood High School

(credit: CBS2)

School officials are asking anyone with information about the most recent incident to contact the Ridgewood Police Department’s Detective Mormino at 201-670-5500, ext. 434.

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  1. Law of Nature. Woman can start having babies around 11 or 12 years old. Law of human idiots, can’t do anything till you are 18 cause that is a cool number we made up. Wonder if nature or idiots will win this battle?

  2. Bruce Harwell says:

    “. . . schools in Ridgewood have been teaching students the proper uses for social media . . .”

    There IS no proper use for social media. It isn’t social, and it distorts users’ perceptions of their own importance.

  3. reccles44 says:

    Soooo, no images were shared on school property but the school is working with the police to find out who was involved? Why? And the way the law is written, a 17 year old will be prosecuted for possession and distribution of child porn even though all the pictures are of himself. No joke its already happened. It mean jail time for the kid and must register as a sex offender. Yes this is messed up but its been going on for generations and no kid should be jailed for having nude pics of themselves on their cell phone.

    1. Vincent Ardizzone says:

      You don’t seem to understand, the distribution of underage sexual images ANYWHERE constitutes child pornography and is ILLEGAL. Get it now?

      1. reccles44 says:

        What you dont understand is I made it clear that the law is stupid because a 17 year old can be charged, convicted and jailed and put on the sex registry for having a nude picture of themselves and sharing it with their girl friend or boyfriend. And that 15 year old boy or girl friend is now in possession of child porn. That sort of thing should not be illegal but it is…you get it now?

  4. Dennis Meyler says:

    And with that their future on the Supreme Court went up in smoke, but then, New Jersey, so a career in Congress is possible.

  5. Jim M. Ryles says:

    That’s it , take all these kids off the list of any future Congressional approved job……Ya see my fellow senators here is little lucy….unfit!

  6. Diedrich Rulfs says:

    I’d have to see those images before I could pass judgement.

  7. Lewis Goudy says:

    “the explicit images were not shared on school property but school officials are working with Ridgewood police to find out who was involved”

    In loco magistratus? Let us dispense with moot distinctions and merge the National Education Association with the Fraternal Order of Police.

  8. Been going on a long time, nothing new at all.

  9. Mike MacKenzie says:

    This is a problem because the law defining what is and is not child pornography was way overbroadly defined. It has conflated normal, common, and not very harmful adolescent behavior with exploitative and very damaging behavior. This needs to stop. There needs to be a differentiation made in the law between teens beginning to explore their sexuality and profit making pornographers who take advantage of and/or abuse the subjects of their pornography.

    1. Chuck Quarles says:

      SO just to confirm…you are justifying and apparently approving of this behavior because they are teens? Do you have any kids? Bless them if you do.

      1. Robert Allen says:

        Of course it is justified among teens. What is wrong with you? Never been a teenager? I have teens, I do NOT want them to be branded with a Scarlet Letter for life due to bluenose busybodies as you appear to be. Of course there’s the run .. it is how you, as a troll, are choosing to present yourself today.

  10. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

    These are kids being kids. Why is this a crime? What is wrong with liberals these days that it is OK to have children twerking for trans adults (a video previously broadcast by the MSM that Alex Jones was banned for replaying and calling them out on) but sending a nude photo from one child to another is an actual crime that can get you on a sex offender list for life. These are children exhibiting normal behavior all children do at one point or another. The idiots in the school system make me want to puke my brains out all over these imbeciles.

    1. John F Robin says:

      Haeshu Kasiiki, you described high school children texting nude photos as “exhibiting normal behavior all children do at one point or another.” No, this is not “normal behavior”, not all children do it, and it is not only a serious crime but very dangerous behavior that can lead to sexual abuse and exploitation. Your comment is irresponsible and unsound.

      1. Chuck Zellers says:

        Teens in school always have tested the limits of sex (and everything between those limits). Not all teens of course but many. Not to excuse it but it will always remain.

  11. Ralph Swindler says:

    “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” has been around forever. Kids are kids. I’m so sick of the outrage and criminalization of what is normal juvenile behavior. The adults need to take a chill pill, allow parents to deal with it and LEAVE the cops out of it.

  12. Monty Goolsby says:

    And the guys are tossing ice at one another.

  13. Huck Klmdia says:

    Pubescent teens interested in sex? Shocking I say, Shocking! As a public service I’d like to inform the male heterosexuals that it is no longer acceptable to grope any females in a make out session without written, witnessed and notarized consent. Same sex groping is now condoned unless the gropee identifies as the opposite sex at the time of the groping. No proof of groping incidents is required, and the real or imagined gropee may at any future time claim non-consensual groping took place without proof. Males in these alleged cases are automatically guilty.

  14. Alvin Marcott says:

    can we have some example of the pics we’re talking about? is it something tame, like a hug????

  15. only a scandal because the school is making it out to be

  16. Amy Walker says:

    Non-issue. Teens have sex.

  17. Steven Soleri says:

    Check in with Carlos Danger aka A. Weiner and see what is on his phone.

  18. Doug Day says:

    White punks on dope…

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