GARDEN CITY, NY (CBSNewYork) – Thousands of people will brave bone-chilling temperatures at Thanksgiving turkey trots across the Tri-State Area.

So what extra precautions should you take when running in this kind of weather?

Wednesday’s whipping winds were a foreshadowing of what’s coming Thursday, as volunteers unloaded and set up for the annual Garden City Turkey Trot on Long Island.

“It is rain or shine, cold or warm, we’re here,” said Philip Puccil of the Garden City Turkey Trot.

Some years, the weather has been more cooperative. Thursday is expected to be one of the coldest Thanksgivings on record.

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Participant Brendan O’Kane says the cold weather won’t stop him.

“It’s gonna be pretty tough, but I like it, personally,” O’Kane told CBS2’s Andrea Grymes. “It’s going to be another challenge. but it’s a much different experience than running in 40 degrees.”

Dr. Robert Glatter at Lenox Hill Hospital agrees.

“When the wind chill gets to the 20s, we start to get concerned,” he said.

Thursday morning, it’ll be even worse, with single digit wind chills across most of the Tri-State Area.

Dr. Glatter says it’s important to take precautions if you’re running: Do warm up exercises to get your blood moving. Wear three layers of clothing, starting with a layer that absorbs sweat.

“A lot of runners like tights and dry fit. Second layer is insulating, anything that can keep the heat in. Third layer is something wind proof,” he said.

Don’t forget the hat and mittens. Dr. Glatter cautions people should be careful about letting children participate, since they’re at higher risk for hypothermia and frostbite. All runners should beware of symptoms like tingling, numbness, confusion or shivering.

Dr. Glatter also says it’s important to remember that you sweat just as much in cold weather as you do in hot weather, so he recommends staying hydrated, drinking a cup of fluids every 20-30 minutes while running.

The bottom line? Have fun but stay safe.

Garden City Turkey Trot organizers expect at least 5,000 runners. It’s not too late to sign up, which you can do by clicking here.