62-Year-Old Man Suffered A Broken Nose, Eye Socket During Savage Beating Inside Brooklyn Apartment Building On Friday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD made an arrest in a brutal beating that was streamed on social media.

Lytee Knox-Hundley, 31, is charged with attacking a man twice his age in a Brooklyn apartment building, CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas reported Sunday.

Police released a photo that shows a person believed to be the suspect winding up to punch a 62-year-old man in the head. It’s a screenshot because video of the attack streamed on Facebook Live is too violent to share.

“Instead of taking out your camera and recording it, you could’ve called police, tried to stop the situation,” neighbor Vianca Phillips said.

The blows knocked the victim to the floor. He is then punched and stomped repeatedly in the face. The suspect even spits on him.

“I couldn’t believe that,” neighbor Gilberto Graham said. “I was watching it on my phone this morning. I said that couldn’t be him. That’s my friend. He don’t bother nobody.”

“He’s a good dude,” Roy Parham said of the victim. “He don’t do nothing to nobody. He shows a lot of love out here. He didn’t deserve that.”

The attack happened in the lobby of a New York City Housing Authority building at 77 Tompkins Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Friday evening. There were at least three witnesses, but only one man stepped up to try to intervene, CBS2’s Cline-Thomas reported.

“I can’t believe that somebody would assault that old man like that. He’s really a sweet guy,” neighbor Malika Spruill said.

That was the consensus among neighbors. Meanwhile, police continued their investigation, followed leads and made an arrest.

Knox-Hundley has been charged with two counts of assault. Medics responded and rushed the victim to NYC Health+Hospitals/Woodhull where he was treated for a broken nose and eye socket.

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  1. do not jail him, he simply needs to be euthanized!

  2. Jerry Preen says:

    And now the Taxpayer will be Assaulted in the wallet providing shelter, feeding, clothing, medical attention, dental attention and entertainment for this thug. Get rid of the Bleeding Heart Liberals and dish out some real punishment for this crime: Tar and Feathering with Scalding Hot Pine Tar poured over the entire body causing 3rd degree burns. Shackled to a post in the town square and beaten to a bloody pulp with a cane rod. Or cut his fingers off one joint at a time from both hands. Any of these would do wonders to discourage future repeats of the same crime.

  3. Robert Quinn says:

    The Guess Who….in concert again !

  4. “All men are created equal…” They weren’t thinking about this guy.

    1. Real men dont beat women, kids or old folks!

  5. Jason Ledd says:

    Well, at least this shows proof of need for 2nd Amendment.
    Everyone should carry a gun.
    Self defense is a self responsibility.
    Every creature is born with the right to kill whatever is coming to kill it.
    For humans in danger of death that requires a gun.

  6. Samuel Green says:

    Sadly this is more common than not these days. There are a small number of people that will stop and lent aid, but more common are those that look the other way/ or whip out their cellphones.

    I think those that look away are defective individuals lacking moral compasses. Stopped an armed home invasion while on the road because I’m not a member of the second group.

  7. KJ Kayfish says:

    Funny that a journalist would complain someone stands there filming and does not help. Isnt that exactly what they do?

    1. Dan Purcell says:

      Fake news has killed real journalism.

  8. D Patrick Dewey says:

    That rotten thug needs a long prison term.

    1. Actually I was thinking of a solution a bit more permanent Dewey! It has something to do with a old oak tree and a rope.

  9. Stephen Goddard says:

    For the full video visit https://www.minds.com/colinflaherty.

  10. Racism straight up, racism embraced and nurtured by the Democrats.

  11. Jay Barbieri says:

    OR….you could have pulled out your pistol and shot the ***k and been done with it.
    But that is too simple.

  12. Mike O'Connor says:

    Trying not to be racist here, but THIS N-word should be SHOT DEAD, like a diseased animal. There is NO HOPE of rehabilitation for people who behave like this.

  13. John Cogley says:

    We all knew

  14. Kevin Feck says:

    Can’t wait to see AG file hate crime charges. Oh wait….

  15. mjazzguitar says:

    The Refugee Resettlement Agencies are using our tax dollars to bring in refugees from the Congo and sign them up for benefits here.

  16. Ralph Davis says:

    And they wonder why we think of them as animals….

  17. The media must hate these stories, where there is video and photos and they have to run them.

  18. John Phelps says:

    If Democrats would stop committing violent crime, this would be a great country.

  19. Bobby Sargent says:

    Hate crime? I just knew the attacker was Amish. Oh, well maybe next time.

  20. Katrin Ann says:

    Low IQ hideous man. Absolutely hideous animal-man.

  21. Choice America says:

    This is a felony,…assault on a “senior” citizen,…if I was the judge,…I would bump it up to that class felony.

  22. Mitch Haase says:

    Didn’t even have to click on the link to know what race the attacker belonged to. And from Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s own neighborhood!

  23. Mark Em says:

    “He don’t do nothing to nobody.”

    this quote tells me alot about the area in which it happened.

  24. Johan Lapje says:

    Typical MF POS nggrs.

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