WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBSNewYork) – Federal housing official Lynne Patton is taking a break from her NYCHA stay Thursday.

Patton has been spending the week at the Douglass Houses on the Upper West Side.

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She and Tenant Association President Carmen Quionones will travel by train Thursday to Washington, D.C. to attend the African American History Month Celebration. They’re expected to return Friday.

Patton is spending four weeks living in four different NYCHA buildings and posting about the experience on her Facebook page.

  1. Amazing how HUD can crittisize NYCHA’s surprizing (to them) deplorable shocking conditions, when HUD inspects each and every development annually and publishes each property’s scores reflecting the results of a comprehensively designed inspection. HUD has shamelessly under funded NYCHA for 25 years. How can HUD or government officials expect NYCHA management to provide safe, decent, affordable housing to NYC’s most neediest population without proper funding? It would one thing if NYCHA was adequately funded and totally ran conditions into shambles but you can’t make decent living conditions for low income families, seniors and children fiscal ability to address the crumbling infrastructure. Seems to me that NYCHA management (with the exception of recent years’ unqualified, inept political appointees) have performed miracles keeping it barely held together up to now. I believe that NYCHA was able to forestall the inevitable fate of the planned destruction of public housing developments throughout the country, i.e. Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Newark, et.al. The federal government’s political machine should hang its’ head in shame. Where are the 400,000 to 500,000 of the current population going to relocate to once the big money realtors and politicians line their pockets by selling many of these prime locations. Oh, that’s right, HUD is here to save the day. LOL


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