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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Friday may have been opening day for the long-awaited Hudson Yards, but the project is far from complete.

So what does the future hold?

Construction on Phase 2, called Western Yard, will start at the end of 2019 and bring an additional six million square feet to the development.

Full Video: Hudson Yards Grand Opening Ceremony 

The elevated High Line park will be featured prominently in the final version of Hudson Yards, which developers say will ultimately occupy the west side of Manhattan from 11th to 12th Avenues between 30th and 33rd Streets.

Developers say they’re eager to get going on the start of Western Yard.

“It’s really pretty remarkable,” Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies, said. “You almost have to pinch yourself at this point.”

Blau and others are banking on New Yorkers willing to go that far west. When it’s all said and done, Western Yard will offer a 750 seat home of learning.

“We’re going to have a brand new school, K through eight,” Sherry Tobak, Vice President of Sales, said.

Additionally, the development will boast eighty percent additional retail space, 20 percent commercial space, and ten acres of public grounds with a large open lawn that can be turned into an ice rink in the winter.

“This will be an entire community,” Tobak said. “So you can work here, you can live here, and certainly as you’ve see you can play here.”

In total, the entire development is 28 acres. There’s also a 200-room hotel opening this winter.


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