NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — How does $1,000 sound? It could be yours if you’re willing to swap your smartphone with a flip phone for a week.

Internet service provider Frontier Communications just launched its flip phone challenge. All you have to do is explain, in 100 to 200 words, why you’re the perfect person for the social experiment.

Frontier will pick one person for the challenge. To enter, see Frontier’s website.

The contest is similar to VitaminWater’s “No Smartphone” for a year contest launched with a Queens woman earlier this year.


Last February, Elana Mugdan’s infomercial-like submission helped her beat out more than 100,000 people. Her iPhone 5 was locked in a “cell phone jail” provided by the beverage company. If she wins and goes the full time, she’ll get $100,000.

During her time without a smartphone, she will have access to a 1996-era flip phone. She can also use a laptop or desktop computer.

In 2016, Hastings-on-Hudson, then-16-year-old Janie Litvin gave up her smartphone for a flip-phone simply to break with her social media habits at the time.

  1. Gary Amato says:

    I could do it for the rest of my life as smart phones really aren’t so smart after all and if you have an Apple then dumping your smart phone becomes even easier.
    They could have got me to do it as I would have done it for free!

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