EDGEWATER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Leaders of a New Jersey town promised to do something about a dangerous crosswalk after CBS2 voiced residents’ concerns months ago.

After demanding answers, CBS2 got action on Friday.

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New signs, fresh paint, and flashing lights were installed at the busy intersection of Garden Place and River Road in Edgewater. It’s all in an effort to curb pedestrian accidents and increase safety.

New safety signs installed at Edgewater, N.J. crosswalk. (Credit: CBS2)

“Police can’t be there at all times,” Mayor Michael McPartland said.

“We have people who live in the place across the street and then school is just up the hill. So they needed a place here to cross safely.”

The intersection has a reputation among residents for being dangerous. Min Joo knows that all too well.

In December, she was hit by a car at a crosswalk on Russell Avenue, south of Garden Place. She says she was avoiding crossing Garden Place because the road is so dangerous.

“I’m recovering from it, still going to P-T, but it was more psychological. I’m a bit traumatized,” Joo said.

Joo told CBS2 her story about a week later. That’s when CBS2 yet again demanded answer about how the town would respond.

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In June, the crosswalk was closed and work began.

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While Joo says she’s glad something is being done, she was expecting more.

“When I first saw it, I was very disappointed because I was expecting a light,” she said.

Mayor McPartland says since River Road is a county road, they were not given that option.

So for the first time since her accident, Joo crossed the street, still feeling extremely unsafe.

Min Joo was struck in that same Edgewater crosswalk last year. (Credit: CBS2)

“As I was crossing, and also as I’m looking at it now, there are plenty of people who are not stopping,” Joo told CBS2’s Nina Kapur.

In fact, even the mayor had a hard time crossing – as cars didn’t even stop for him.

Though yielding for pedestrians in a crosswalk has been a state law for nine years now, the mayor warns not to blindly trust the light.

“It’s both ways, the pedestrian has to pay attention to the traffic that’s out there, they can’t just walk into the crosswalk.”

In the meantime, police say they will be seriously stepping up their enforcement, pulling over anyone who doesn’t yield and breaks the law.

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The fine for failure to yield in a pedestrian crosswalk starts at $200.