SEA BRIGHT, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A summer eyesore on the Jersey Shore has finally been removed – but local residents are the ones who will pay for it.

The 30-foot sailboat abandoned in Monmouth County has been causing problems all summer for local residents in Sea Bright.

CBS2 has learned on Tuesday that the boat has finally been taken off the beach.

The boat, named “Joyeux” had been sitting on the beach since June when it ran up on a sand bar and had to be rescued.

An abandoned sailboat that ran aground in June 2019 caused a major headache for Sea Bright officials. (Credit: CBS2)

Police say the Russian owner was sailing from Maryland back to his home in Brooklyn. He attempted to push the boat back out to sea during high tide the next day to no avail, and then he abandoned ship.

“He completely gave up all his rights. He did not have any type of insurance on it,” Sea Bright Police Sgt. Richard Huegel said. “The Coast Guard will not remove the vessel due to the fact that it is not a hazard to the waterways.”

Under New Jersey law, a boat can legally be abandoned in an emergency situation. Since it no longer belongs to the owner, it became Sea Bright’s problem and it will cost thousands of dollars to remove.

Now that the Joyeux is gone, taxpayers are on the hook for the pricey savage operation – leaving Sea Bright residents with little “joy” of their own.


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