NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Parents can experience a roller coaster of emotions while watching their kids play a sport. Sometimes things get a little too heated in the stands.

Destiny, a high school student says parents can sometimes be embarrassing.

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“There’s was a father behind me yelling at a student… he’s like your’re mad because you’re losing… cursing at him. I was like relax it’s just a game,” the student said.

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A new video released by the National Federation of State High School Associations reminds parents to be supportive not overbearing, set a good example, and also add some out of the box suggestions.

  • Consider exercising before the event – it may be helpful to relieve stress
  • Take a break if emotions escalate

See the video here

Shaun Morrell the Athletic Director for North Brunswick Township High School says he plans to use the video at preseason parent meetings to help adults understand the perspective of the student and coaches.

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“Number one is facing adversity. Failures is a part of growth and future success. It’s important that student athletes learn how to fail as well as win,” Morrell said.

Steve Farsiou is a lawyer who represents coaches and is one himself. He calls negative parent behavior an epidemic.

“They have a complaint about their son or daughter not starting or not being in a certain position,” Farsiou said.

“Nowadays you see kids… everything has to go right… If something goes wrong a parent feels like they have to fix it instead of learning just from that.”

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If a parent has an issue with a coach the video suggests taking 24 hours to let emotions calm. If you are still upset, have your child first meet with the coach, then step in if necessary, and remember sports are supposed to be fun.