NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Bill de Blasio is being asked to do more to protect first responders in the wake of an attack on a 20-year-old emergency medical technician as he was transporting an emotional disturbed person to the hospital.

The ambulance EMT Nicholas Cody used to transport an emotionally disturbed person on Friday night sat parked outside the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital on Monday, the decal warning that it’s a felony to attack a first responder apparently not much of a deterrent in a city where the number of of mental health 911 calls have nearly doubled in the last decade.

Nicholas was bitten, beaten and attacked by the man he was trying to help.

“He’s hurt pretty bad right now. Right now, he doesn’t have any mobility or feeling in his left arm,” Jeffrey Cody, Nicholas’ dad, told CBS2’s Marcia Kramer exclusively.

MOREFDNY: EMT Seriously Injured After Being Assaulted During Medical Call

For Nicholas, who is still hospitalized as doctors try to figure out how to heal him, the attack was particularly frustrating because he just started working as an EMT five weeks ago, something he’s wanted to do all his life.

File photo (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“He has been dressing up as a firefighter or EMT since he’s 3 years old for Halloween, so this has been a life-long dream,” Jeffrey Cody said.

The attack occurred at 178th and Jerome Avenue in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx. Cops arrested an emotionally disturbed man, identified in a criminal complaint as Thomas Wright, who was banging on passing cars in traffic, sources said.

It comes as the mental health 911 calls have risen from 97,132 in 2009 to nearly 180,000 last year.

“EMS has seen a significant increase in assaults. We’re talking on a daily basis we get a report of someone that was badly beaten,” said Oren Barzilay, president of EMS union Local 2507.

Barzilay lays the blame squarely on Mayor de Blasio’s doorstep.

“Mayor de Blasio, you need to do more to protect the men and women who protect and serve this city,” Barzilay said. “The city is spiraling down to a chaos where there’s no respect for nobody — buckets of water thrown at police officers, assaults on EMTs and paramedics are on a daily basis, assaults on MTA workers is on a daily basis … our city has run down to a point of no return.”

The city did announce a plan Monday to have trained mental health workers join cops in responding to 911 mental health calls, but that doesn’t help the emergency responders who have to take them in for treatment.

Nicholas Cody told Kramer all he wanted to do was help the the man who had attacked him. As he’s so into the job, he had his EMS radio at his bedside so he could listen to the calls his unit was responding to.

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  1. Zephyr Onyx says:

    When Guiliani was mayor of NYC it was a great vacation destination. It was safer, cleaner, fun and prosperous. Times Square was cleaned up, Broadway was thriving and the city was revitalized. Even at night, you could walk safely in many small parks in Manhattan where two policeman on foot were often stationed. The theory was if you demonstrated lawlessness would not be permitted by enforcing laws against small crimes (e.g. subway turnstile jumping) it would also have an effect on bigger crimes. It worked as the violent crime rate dropped substantially. De Blasio, by contrast, appears to actively encourage crime by stating laws against small crimes won’t be enforced. He does nothing to stop outright citizen violence against the police as we see disgraceful scenes of water being dumped on their heads and the police do not fight back. How can anyone expect the police to protect them if they won’t protect themselves. I cancelled a trip to NYC. New Yorkers re-elected this guy so they will have to live with him.

  2. Kevin Parks says:

    Yet they’ll continue electing Democrats just because they promise the moon (but never deliver). The definition on insanity.

  3. luismartinez1953 says:

    Where’s Paul Kersey when you need him…or Bernard Goetz???

  4. John Brooke says:

    Why don’t you get yourself out of NYC. It will be decades b/4 the damage done by DeBlasio can be repaired. In the mean time, you could have a great future in a community that respects it’s first responders and is not overrun with abusers & nutjobs. I suggest you visit a normal community and see what is available.

  5. Bob Comment says:

    How is a mental health worker going to stop an attack from a delusional person? NYPD and FD should carry high powered tranquilizers and dart these people before transporting them. Isn’t that what we do with wild animals? and no one gets hurt.

  6. Jim Wolfson says:

    It’s admittedly hard to distinguish a raving lunatic on the street from any other democRat.
    So the ‘Rats leave them alone to wreak havoc.

  7. Jess Sain says:

    If you like your communist Mayor, you can keep your communist Mayor…..well that and you couldn’t give him away.

  8. interventor says:

    The number of mental health 911 calls has doubled in the last ten years. Apparently, Democrat rule attracts and causes insanity!

  9. JoeBob says:

    Liberals destroy everything they touch.

  10. Paul says:

    NYC a horrific failure. Liberals did it all and they keep going.

  11. elchucko says:

    De Dumbio like most liberal demorats are destroying this country.

  12. ironbob says:

    Yay, let’s all go to New York City! We can do whatever we want!

  13. Citizen says:

    Dems/Liberals unshackle the rules of law and of course bedlam will increase.

    When the nuts are in control of your town, the whole town will become nuts.

  14. Jim Hyland says:

    God has taken his hand of restraint from mankind. That is why everything is spiraling out of control; world division, public shaming, political chaos, human depravity. Bible prophecy is unfolding before your very eyes, it is the end of days. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  15. Public_Citizen says:

    Society is reaping what was sown by the ACLU and their fellow travelers in the 1970s when so many Mental Health Facilities were forced under Court Order to turn mental cases loose.
    The most violent ones have ended up in a Criminal Justice System that has neither the tools nor the resources to deal with their mental disorders.
    Today, there isn’t even an effort being made to identify and sequester most of them so as a consequence, society is paying a {much to} high price for continuing these mentally deranged individuals to wander the streets.

  16. FranN says:

    I wonder how other US cities with Dem mayors are doing. Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles are a few that come to mind that have reputations for homelessness, filthy streets, crime and injustice. Today NYC is a horror show, just like it was back when Giuliani was elected to clean it up. Time for liberal New Yorkers to bite the bullet and vote conservative again.

  17. Orange Mango says:

    Coming NOW to a Sanctuary City Near YOU !

  18. Mike Arvand says:

    Anytime a liberal runs things. They run it straight to hell

  19. scotty999 says:

    When you elect an obviously mentally ill person to be Mayor, you can’t blame him when he’s not harder on his brethren. DeBlasio performance thus far as Mayor was completely predictable given his politics and background. You’ve seen how the city ran with a Republican Mayor, and now you’re seeing how it runs with a Communist Mayor. Hopefully New Yorkers will keep these things in mind next Election Day.

  20. Rick Fischer says:

    Leftists exhaust all their sympathy on all the groups that prey on the ordinary, law abiding and taxpaying citizens of the nation. They have no sympathy left for the rest of us.

  21. James Choi says:

    Carry your gun and first aid kit for now.

  22. David Corvino says:

    As long as you idiots keep voting democrat, this is what you will get.

  23. autophiliac says:

    Disarmed New Yorkers are living in a utopia of peace and benevolence.

  24. De Blasio will not be happy until NYC smells like a west Texas feed yard. The guy is a lumbering dumb ox.

  25. Daniel Haney says:

    Sane New Yorkers….GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!

    1. You said it, Daniel…..two more months for me, three tops. I was born here, raised here, and no way am I dying here.

  26. Nostromo says:

    My sons lived in Manhattan for 12 years now and while people who live there may not notice it, the city has absolutely gone downhill. I notice it because I get up there 3 or 4 times a year and am not mesmerized by the slow decline. The decline is obvious if you space out visits. But this is what the people in NYC want apparently.

  27. merlinmedic says:

    Garbage men do “different work, so we pay them $40,000 than those who will save your life.” Mayor De Blasio.

  28. Mike Burns says:

    In New Jarsey mental patients are strapped to a gurney during transport and a police officer rides in the back of the ambulanve with the patient and EMT workers. I agree diBlazio has taken NYC to a new low. The city is one big crime ridden sewer. Bring back “Stop & Frisk” and take the restraints off of the police and let them proudly do their job.

  29. Hay Nonnymoose says:

    But… but… but…

    There was a decal saying it’s against the LAW to attack an EMT.

    You mean crazies and criminals don’t obey signs?

    1. Ajt says:

      That’s surely one of those messy “quality of life laws” that the Mayor has decided no longer need enforcement. Alongside public defecation. Threatening behavior. Burglary theft and assault etc.

    2. Elena George says:

      Just like criminals won’t give up their guns while gov’t expects the rest of us to do so.

    3. Elena George says:

      Mentally ill patients might need to be transported in restraints rather than as a physically injured patient is transported. But de Blasio does not “get” much of anything. He is dumb as a post.

  30. Lee Roggenburg says:

    Elections have consequences . . . keep voting for those progressives

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